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On a rise in a dominant position on the Cassia rises the village of Sutri, which has very ancient origins. Etruscan craftsmen built what is the symbol of the town, theamphitheatre, one of the grandest monuments in Latium and Tuscia. It is part, along with other artefacts, of the Regional Park Antichissima Città di Sutri and is unique because it was not built but dug by hand into a tufa bank. Outside the amphitheatre, there is a series of Etruscan tombs with an arched opening (5th century BC) and the small votive chapel of the Madonna del Parto.

In the historical centre of the village, surrounded by the remains of the city walls, one encounters houses with dark roofs, Roman fragments between the walls of more recent dwellings, medieval decorations on portals, harmonious small squares and elegant fountains. Visit the Romanesque Duomo, the former hospital with the Patrimonium Museum where the Etruscan and Roman history of Sutri is told, with sarcophagi, sculptures and incunabula.


01015 Sutri VT, Italia

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