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The village of Pico rises on a territory that develops as if seeking the sky, from an altitude of 100 metres up to 800: this conformation makes its landscape varied and rich, made precious by the streams that flow through it, among which the Forma di Sant'Oliva ditch, which runs right under the village. Near the town, for those seeking a refuge in nature, is the Monti Aurunci Natural Park. The heart of the village takes you back to the ancient atmospheres of the Middle Ages, particularly when you stop to admire the Farnese Castle, which embellishes the small square in the historic centre. It is a village of great charm, Pico, which also inspired Eugenio Montale: the poet, in fact, wrote the poem 'Elegia di Pico Farnese' in 1939.


03020 Pico FR, Italia

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