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Basilica Sanctuary Santa Maria del Colle


Dating back to the 17th century, the Sanctuary was created following an apparition of Mary and the conversion of Gabriele Mattei, a young man from Lenola. After gathering alms throughout Europe, he built the place of worship around an early Christian effigy, one of the oldest representations of Mary and the baby Jesus in Europe, pointed out to him by the Virgin herself and hidden among the thorns and brambles on a nearby hill (hence the name "del Colle"). Also of interest is the so-called "botanical miracle" or "miracle of the Cypresses": trees that have been growing on the travertine marble of the façade for more than four centuries without any scientific explanation to date.

Basilica Sanctuary Santa Maria del Colle
Largo, Via Santuario del Colle, 04025 Lenola LT, Italia
Call +390771598396 Website

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