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Castel di Tora


Nestled on the shores of the artificial lake Turano and surrounded by a landscape of rare beauty, perhaps one of the most fascinating in the whole of Lazio, we find the village of Castel di Tora, where we arrive with our eyes filled with the intense green of the woods and our hearts invigorated by the scent of broom and thyme. Surrounded by tiny villages with an ancient soul, the lake is the hub of local life: fishing is practiced here all year round and many water activities are organised. Not to be missed, from the traditional cuisine, is the 'polentone', which is cooked on the first Sunday of Lent: polenta is cooked in a large cauldron and seasoned with a sauce made from salt cod, herring and tuna.

Castel di Tora

02020 Castel di Tora RI, Italia

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