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Boville Ernica


Enclosed like a treasure to be guarded by an imposing boundary wall that once protected the town from the danger of enemy raids, Boville Ernica is a charming village that still remembers, in its architecture and atmosphere, its medieval past. Amongst narrow, winding alleys, small squares and arches, people can immerse themselves in a context of great beauty. A must-see is certainly Palazzo Filonardi, dating back to the 15th century, the largest architectural complex in the village, which also includes the Abbey of San Pietro Ispano. It is here in the Abbey, a destination for spirituality and pilgrimages, that a perfectly preserved mosaic by Giotto is kept. Leaving the historical centre, however, you lose yourself in the beauty of the landscape, among the green hills and the blue sky.

Boville Ernica

03022 Boville Ernica FR, Italia

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