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Where you can celebrate the autumn equinox in Italy amidst wellness and meditation

The autumn equinox is a key moment in the cycle of the seasons and the organisation of the year.

23 September 2022

4 minutes

The autumn equinox is a key moment in the cycle of the seasons and the organisation of the year. On 23 September, the hours of light and dark will be the same, marking the beginning of a new phase, which deserves to be celebrated by reconnecting with the deepest part of us with a yoga retreat, a state-of-the-art spa, or a resort surrounded by nature.

Vital balances change and our organism adapts, preparing for the cold season. Days are getting shorter, the weather is cold and rainy, and nature begins to slumber after a lush summer.
It all has an impact, not only physically but also mentally and psychologically, and it is no coincidence that according to Ayurveda and holistic philosophies this is a delicate phase, where taking time to reflect on ourselves is of the utmost importance. Let go, renew, detox and regenerate are the key words for this change of season. To make the most of it, we reveal some of the most magical and relaxing places to celebrate the autumn equinox in the name of psychophysical well-being.

Tuscany. Autumn Equinox Yoga Retreat at Terme di Saturnia, in the name of relaxation and luxury

toscana terme saturnia yoga relax

The luxurious resort Terme di Saturnia is once again offering the Autumn Equinox Yoga Retreat this year, in a 3- or 6-night option. You will experience a special moment with an intensive programme focusing on physical and mental well-being. Meditation, yoga, asana and bandha practice, moments of sharing with the other participants, and then unlimited entry to the thermal spring, whirlpools and many paths and saunas. You can also use the gym, play tennis and golf. Your body is a temple and will be treated as such here.

Tuscany. Yoga in the woods among the Tuscan hills at Casale Pundarika

casale pundarika toscana yoga

Casale Pundarika is a rural centre dedicated to yoga and meditation in the incredible scenery of the Tuscan hills overlooking the sea. Silence and a rarefied atmosphere dominate, making it the ideal place to intensely disconnect and regenerate.
Here, amidst olive groves and vineyards, in the territories that once belonged to the ancient civilisation of the Etruscans, La Shala nel bosco will be held for the autumn equinox from 22 to 25 September. During this yoga retreat, there will be space for meditation and in-depth study of certain topics, together with extensive contact with the surrounding nature, practices in the Mediterranean shrubs, hikes and guided walks to help you disconnect from everything and recreate yourself with awareness.

Lombardy. Reconnecting with nature at Borgo Zen in Val Taleggio

borgo zen val taleggio yoga

If your wish is to reconnect with yourself and nature, in contact with the vital energy of the forest, then Borgo Zen, located in Val Taleggio in the province of Bergamo, is the place for you. You can devote yourself to silence and yoga in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

It is best to arrive here on 23 September to enjoy the autumn equinox and prepare for the Nature Seminar, scheduled from 25 September to 2 October. It will be a meditation retreat with rest and silence, where we can explore our perception of ourselves, our emotions, time and space to cope with change, while also practising Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, a profound experience of reconnecting with nature.

Alto Adige. Natural treatments at Forestis in the quiet heart of the Dolomites

alto adige forestis trattamenti naturali

The autumn equinox is an intense time, where light and colours become warmer and more welcoming. The tranquillity of nature induces us to rest and relax, intense well-being indeed. A phase full of energy and impulses to be experienced in a wonderful location such as Forestis, a luxurious hotel in Bressanone with a spa, which also allows for regenerating retreats and a variety of outdoor activities. Here you will be able to get in touch with the wilderness and its smells, which lavish with calm and tranquillity, in an exclusive environment immersed in silence.

Treat yourself to a few days here from the night of 23 September to dedicate yourself to rest and silence, and try out beauty treatments with a distinctly natural vocation. For the equinox, we recommend the tree circle ceremony, a sensory experience to reactivate the body's energies and restore the balance between the conscious and unconscious, which will be even more cathartic at this time of year. A guided walk in the surroundings will complete the circle.

Campania. The autumn sea on the island of Ischia at the Hotel Terme Zì Carmela

campania mare ischia terme

We can’t help but mention the spa here to celebrate the autumn equinox and indulge in custom treatments to tackle the new season. One of the most beautiful places to do this is certainly Ischia, where you can also enjoy the wonder of the sea at the end of September, with its mild climate and greater tranquillity rather than hectic summer months.

Under the skilful hands of the staff of the Hotel Terme Zì Carmela, you will experience the best regenerative programme by choosing the mud therapy package: for a week you will alternate baths and mud baths, massages and thermal whirlpools, which will help your organism to better face the change of season, improving your health to strengthen your defences. Enjoy a fantastic sea view from any corner, which has great therapeutic power in itself, while savouring the local cuisine and devoting yourself exclusively to your own well-being.

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