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Pizzo Calabro


The city of Tartufo, with breath-taking views of the Costa degli Dei

It is impossible to resist the charm of the beaches of Pizzo Calabro and its historic centre perched on a tuff promontory. This charming village is one of the places that make the Costa degli Dei (Coast of the Gods) a seaside holiday paradise for thousands of tourists and visitors every year. Immersed in nature, history and legend, you can savour the Italian lifestyle in all its glory.

Pizzo Calabro is renowned for its picturesque beaches, such as the Colamaio beach in the Gulf of Saint Euphemia and the Pizzo Marina beach. This area is also home to hidden architectural gems of rare beauty, including the little beach-side Church of Piedigrotta, built into the bare rock, and Aragonese Castle, which offers visitors breath-taking panoramic views.

Then there is the historic centre of Pizzo Calabro, which can take you back in time among narrow alleyways and glimpses best explored at a slow, steady pace. When it comes to food, you will be spoiled for choice among the many delicacies of Calabria. One traditional treat in particular is the Tartufo di Pizzo, which is an artisan ice cream in the shape of a hemisphere that hides a melted, dark chocolate centre.

Pizzo Calabro

89812 Pizzo VV, Italia

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