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Crystal-clear sea and idyllic beaches, among citrus and olive trees

Among the jewels that adorn the Costa degli Dei (Coast of the gods) in Calabria is Parghelia, a small village famed for its beautiful coastline. The golden sand and crystal-clear sea make it an ideal destination for tourists who want to relax on the beach. The panorama is enhanced by the characteristic granite pinnacles that rise up out of the water like little sea monsters. The best known and most photographed has been renamed the Scoglio della Pizzuta (Pizzuta Rock). You can hire a small boat to admire the coastline from a unique perspective and take part in a dive to discover hidden treasures on the seabed.

Parghelia’s beach is made even more magical by the dense vegetation that surrounds it, made up of vines, olive trees, citrus fruits and the ever-present red onions that characterise the area. The small historic centre, meanwhile, has had to contend with two violent earthquakes that almost destroyed it in 1783 and 1905. The monuments that survived these tragedies include the Church of Santa Maria di Porto Salvo, built in 1745 and adorned with valuable Neapolitan School paintings.


89861 Parghelia VV, Italia

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