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A magical little village on the Gulf of Saint Euphemia

Among the most picturesque places on the Costa degli Dei (Coast of the Gods) in Calabria is the small village of Briatico, overlooking the Gulf of Saint Euphemia and located at the foot of the Monte Poro promontory. It is the perfect year-round destination for tourists looking for a beautiful sea and a cosy, tranquil environment, while not missing out on discovering Italian historical sites.

Briatico beach alternates between stretches of white sand with cliffs and bays that are only accessible by boat. But what makes this stretch of coastline truly unique are the ruins of ancient towers, built to defend against the Saracens. Only two of the five original buildings have survived the passage of time: La Rocchetta and Torre Sant’Irene.

All that remains today of Briatico’s original town centre, damaged by earthquakes between 1638 and 1783, are the medieval castle ruins. Over the centuries, this small village has managed to revive and today it boasts monuments and points of interest including the Church of San Nicola di Bari, symbolising the spirit of renewal that has always characterised this little pearl of Calabria.


89817 Briatico VV, Italia

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