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Several names have been used to call Altomonte over the centuries: Brahall, Bragalla, Antifluvius until 1343, and finally the current name, at the behest of Queen Giovanna II of Naples, a name that tells, with its very sound, part of the essence of this village. The town lies at the foot of the Pollino National Park and is one of the most enchanting villages in the province, known for its important artistic and cultural heritage. Part of Altomonte lies on the plain, washed by the Esaro, Grondi and Fiumicello rivers, and part is instead perched atop a hill with a splendid panorama. The mediaeval soul of the village, built on a pre-existing fortified nucleus, is still clearly visible: the stone portals of its houses, the work of local stonemasons and realized between the 17th and 19th centuries, are evocative.


87042 Altomonte CS, Italia

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