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Aieta is a village balanced between the sea and the mountains, but above all it amazes for the Renaissance touch of its historical heart, something we are rarely lucky enough to admire in Calabria, thanks to the presence of the aristocratic palace built by the Martirano family in the 16th century: declared a national monument in 1913, many of its frescoes have recently been restored. The rest of the village, on the other hand, has an atmosphere that tells of its medieval past, with narrow, sloping streets embellished by the splendid stone portals carved by local stonemasons between the 18th and 19th centuries. Finally, from the highest part of the town, the eyes are lost in a panorama that leaves you breathless and, from the marvel of the Gulf of Policastro, reaches the first ridges of the Apennines, recounting a complex and beautiful land.


87020 Aieta CS, Italia

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