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Rocca San Giovanni


A village divided between the hills and the sea, Rocca San Giovanni stands on a rocky hill, but in the alleys of its historic centre you can breathe in the scent of salt and see the waves breaking on the rocks. The first inhabited nucleus dates back to 1076 and was soon transformed into a castle, becoming the stronghold of the nearby monastery of San Giovanni in Venere. Traces of these medieval events are still visible in the ancient walls that guard the village, while all around olive groves and orange groves accompany you to the sea, to the marvellous Costa dei Trabocchi, among small inlets and beautiful beaches. Here, between the splendid sea and the hills that frame it, stand the traditional Trabocchi, which give their name to the coast, structures with a long maritime history and ever-present charm.

Rocca San Giovanni

66020 Rocca San Giovanni CH, Italia

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