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Trauttmansdorff Castle


Not far from the left bank of the River Passirio, where the slopes of the Merano basin gradually become steeper, is the marvellous manor house of Trauttmansdorff Castle. During her stays in South Tyrol, Empress Sissi of the Habsburg dynasty also frequented its rooms and the park of the residence, which today houses the Touriseum-Museum Provinciale del Turismo.

The extraordinary botanical garden, which enriches the slopes around Trauttmansdorff Castle with colours and scents, is definitely worth a visit among the must-see destinations on a trip to South Tyrol. A difference in height of about a hundred metres separates the lowest and highest point of the park. Alpine and exotic plant species grow on the steep terraces. They come from the Mediterranean and deserts, from forests and swamps all over the world, to be planted here and create an enchanted garden.

Trauttmansdorff Castle
Strada Provinciale 8 Merano - Scena, 39012 Merano BZ, Italy
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