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Castel di Lucio


Authentic village in the Monti Nebrodi

Sitting 750 metres above sea level in the Monti Nebrodi, Castel di Lucio is a small, typical village in the province of Messina with just 1,254 inhabitants. Once known as “Castelluzzo” because of the small castle located on the rocky outcrop, this town has a rich history that echoes today through the picturesque streets, churches and monuments which make it a place of historical and cultural interest to visit on the island.

The central square welcomes visitors to admire the main façade of the Mother Church – once at the heart of trade. Within the village, there are numerous small churches to admire – treasures that guard a precious artistic heritage. Walking through the narrow streets, everything will catch your eye, from the stone portals to the decorations on the houses. You will also be struck by glimpses of the picturesque landscape. The Castello Normanno and the Church of San Carlo are also worth a visit, but if you are travelling by car, a 40-minute drive to admire the artworks at Fiumara d’Arte will astonish you.

Castel di Lucio is imbued with an atmosphere of authentic provincial Italy. This village still preserves the craft traditions of yesteryear, such as weaving and stone carving. The economy here is predominantly agricultural and the dairy cows produce excellent cheeses and provola that are sold throughout Italy and must be sampled during your visit.

Castel di Lucio

98070 Castel di Lucio ME, Italia

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