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Cradle of the ancient Marquisate, Saluzzo is an elegant and sophisticated village. The historic, medieval heart is located in the upper part of the town, overlooked by the imposing and splendid Castiglia and characterized by steep streets and historic buildings. Today, the Castiglia houses the historical archive, beautiful museum spaces and events of great cultural value. A place famous for its tradition of furniture craftsmanship and antiques, permeated by the roots of Occitan culture, home to the Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale, it has a musical history that still emerges today in the many events that punctuate the calendar of local events. This small and beautiful town at the foot of Monviso knows how to combine culture and history, food and wine and traditions, all accompanied by the notes of the melodies that accompany its atmospheres.


12037 Saluzzo CN, Italia

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