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The Bergamo Funicular


The connection between downtown Bergamo and Bergamo Alta.

The Bergamo funicular railway has connected downtown Bergamo to Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe in the Bergamo Alta part of town for more than 120 years.
Engineer Alessandro Ferretti, in 1887, created the first design where the funicular would operate driven by a steam engine with a two-carriage system: thanks to the weight of one, the other would be lifted.
Later, in 1917, a rail was added and the machinery and stations were renovated.
Thanks to the Bergamo funicular railway, it is possible, in just 240 m, to cross a height difference of 85 m with a 52% slope.
This is without a doubt the most scenic way to reach Bergamo Alta. In fact, on clear days one can enjoy a fantastic panorama over Bergamo and the entire Po Valley and sometimes even catch a glimpse of the Apennines!

The Bergamo Funicular

Viale Milano, 64, 24021 Albino BG, Italia

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