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2 days in Milan: the itinerary

Discovering the soul of Italy's fashion capital, even for people with only two days to do so, is not a mission impossible: we tried it out for you.

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An "open" itinerary with several possible choices to get to know a seductive city constantly on the move, where cultures, trends and styles merge in an incomparable melting pot: getting to know Milan in two days is a feasible challenge.

It may seem to be the title of a film but discovering the essence of Milan in just two days can actually be achieved, with the suggestion that you try to get to know the city with different souls, all with absolute class. The starting point for this adventure is one of the city's most symbolic places - the Cathedral. Enjoy a quick breakfast in the square's many bars or grab a first exciting and relaxing experience by going up to the top floor of chain store La Rinascente, where the bar has a magnificent terrace overlooking the spires. The next step is a visit to the Cathedral - guided tours or audio guides in various languages are available - and perhaps even to the Cathedral museum to discover the secrets of the Veneranda Fabbrica (Old Building). If you have a more contemporary soul, you can visit the Museo del Novecento (Museum of the XX Century) in Piazza Duomo and its journey into modern art from the International Avant-Garde to Kinetic Art. A few names? Picasso, Klee, Kandinskij and Modigliani, not to mention sets with individual artists such as De Chirico, Morandi and Fontana. The morning will be over by now and it is time for lunch. If you prefer a quick, light snack, there are many places around the Cathedral which are also popular with the people of Milan themselves at lunchtime. There are bars, bistros and bakery shops with all kinds of food. Otherwise, why not sit down at a delicatessen with kitchen and discover yet another feature of the city.

In the afternoon, stroll towards San Babila and move into the fashion district, where in addition to iconic garments by Italian designers you will also discover many new opportunities: the area is home to several realities, such as Palazzo Morando with the Fashion Museum or the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum with XVI century figurative arts, considered to be the finest example of a house-museum in Europe.

There are quite a few options for dinner. As quick meal as at lunchtime, perhaps followed by a theatre performance (the most important are all in the city centre, starting at 21.00) or an experiential dinner in one of Milan's star restaurants enjoyed calmly as a memorable end to an undoubtedly intense day.

The next morning you can take a tour around the Brera district, a lively quarter and design area with a focus on furniture and accessories, and then move on to the Sforzesco Castle (or vice versa): the two destinations are close to each other. If you follow our chronology, after enjoying a Milanese brunch near the Castle, you can rent an electric scooter and move towards the future of the city, as clearly outlined by the CityLife district, popular with stars and public figures, as well as the outcome of a new concept for urban spaces.

The Vertical Wood is a unique heritage of biodiversity in the heart of Milan and proof of the city's daily commitment to taking up the challenge of climate change. At the feet of this "woodland", you can enjoy a relaxing tour of the Library of Trees Park.

Alternatively, why not spend the afternoon in the Leonardo Da Vinci National Science Museum where, in addition to models highlighting Italian genius, there is a genuine submarine and an incredible series of multi-sensory experiences with augmented reality, full immersion and workshops that children in particular will enjoy.

A worthy end for all this full immersion is a stroll along the Navigli canals, joining in with night-time mood of the Milanese themselves, among trattorias, restaurants, pubs and bistros for a great way to conclude this two-day stay in Milan.

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