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"Luigi Rossi Danielli" Civic Museum


Father Felice Rossetti Museum of Modern Art

From Porta Fiorentina on the left side of the highest part of Piazza San Francesco rises the monumental complex formed by the basilica and convent of San Francesco alla Rocca. Begun in 1237, on an area that had been bequeathed to the Franciscans by Gregory IX. In 1873, it was confiscated due to the suppression of religious orders and only in 1886, after being declared a National Monument, was it reopened for worship. In 1944, bombing caused severe damage to the church, only the perimeter walls remained standing. Completed in 1953, the reconstruction was carried out by the Superintendency, which restored the temple to its original form. The Mausoleum of Adriano V, attributed to Arnolfo di Cambio, the Mausoleum of Clement IV by Pietro Oderisio, and the Oliario signed by Vassalletto, can be marvelled for their beauty. Within the convent premises is the interconventual library and a contemporary art museum with artwork by Greco, Mastroianni, Brindisi, Cesetti, De Chirico, Valery Escalar and other artists. This museum was made possible thanks to the intelligent work of Father Felice Rossetti (a native of Grotte), who amassed the material that is on display.


Sunday - Saturday
09:00 am-07:00 pm
Ordina per
"Luigi Rossi Danielli" Civic Museum
Piazza Francesco Crispi, 13, 01100 Viterbo VT, Italia
Call +390761348275 Website

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