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Isola del Liri


A natural waterfall in the historic centre

It is so beautiful and unexpected that it seems unreal. And yet, the waterfall in the middle of the historic centre of Isola del Liri is completely natural. This ancient village in the province of Frosinone is among Lazio’s most interesting hidden gems, offering a breathtaking setting that will leave you wanting to immortalise every corner in photos and videos.

The waterfall springs from the waters of the Liri River, which forks up at the Boncompagni Viscogliosi Castle. On one side, it creates the spectacular 30-metre Cascata Grande. On the other, it plunges into the less scenic Cascata del Valcatoio, which feeds a hydroelectric power station after passing through an inclined plane. Already splendid in sunlight, the Cascata Grande becomes even more beautiful at sunset or nightfall, when its waters light up in a thousand colours, in an unmissable spectacle. 

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Isola del Liri

03036 Isola del Liri FR, Italia

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