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The village of Bazzano: history, nature and flavour

Where the Samoggia river flows through the Apennines lies Valsamoggia, among the hills west of Bologna and near the border with Modena.

Here, the countryside is a geometric marvel, and the landscape is dotted with farmhouses and ancient villas that bear witness to the area’s agricultural history.
Bazzano is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the ever-interconnected local history and nature.

The green heart of the Abbey of Monteveglio Regional Park

The village is located near the Abbey of Monteveglio Regional Park, the beating heart of the valley.

This protected area offers beautiful nature walks following the ancient routes travelled for centuries by pilgrims, including the Piccola Cassia, accompanied by stunning views of the ravines.

Bentivoglio Castle

Before 1000 AD, a castle was built here, later remodelled in the Renaissance period, known as Bentivoglio Castle. Inside, you can explore splendid rooms such as the Giants’ Hall divided by columns framing landscapes and various human figures with shields decorated with coats of arms.

The first floor houses the Civic Archaeological Museum, with exhibits of findings from the Samoggia, Reno and Lavino valleys starting from the Mesolithic Age and ending with the Renaissance period across five rooms.

Bazzano Cittaslow

The village is part of the Cittaslow circuit and is also crossed by the Wine and Flavours Route “Cities, Castles and Cherries”. It is well known for its cultivation of cherries, particularly Anelloni cherries. The Saslà grape, a Slow Food-recognised product and the basis of Chasselas wine, is also grown here.

Around Bazzano

Near the town, if you head along the road to Castelfranco, you will come across the Sanctuary of Sabbionara. This church has been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Graces since 1630, when it was built in tribute to the Virgin Mary as a thanks for saving the inhabitants from the plague. Inside, you can admire the incredible frescoes and their optical illusions. Be sure to mark it on the map to include on your itinerary.

Continuing along the embankment of the small Muzza stream, you will come across what remains of the Vallo della Muzza, a defensive structure built in the 14th century to protect the border between Bologna and Modena.

The stream may be small, but it is steeped in history.

40053 Bazzano, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

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