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Dinner with Princess Costanza

The most eagerly awaited party in Teggiano

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Ah, weddings... aren't they fun? And when two influential people get married, the celebration becomes a true event, and sometimes the entire village gets involved. This is what happened in Diano a few centuries ago, and what has happened in Teggiano every August since 1994: everyone, both residents and visitors, is invited to the table of Princess Costanza.


Costanza and Antonello

Costanza da Montefeltro was Federico da Montefeltro's daughter, Duke of Urbino. In 1481 she married Antonello Sanseverino, Prince of Salerno. Among the territories under the power of the Sanseverino family was also ancient Diano, now known as Teggiano. A year after the wedding, the couple visited the village and were greeted with great joy by the townspeople.

Today the event has become the occasion of a remarkable medieval re-enactment, much loved by the population, but also by many curious people who come from all over the region. For three days in mid-August, Teggiano transforms into ancient Diano: its streets are filled with artisan workshops displaying ancient crafts, acrobats, drummers and many people dressed in 15th century fashion. But the protagonists of the story certainly cannot be missing: Constance and Antonello make their triumphal entrance in the parade. They are accompanied by the court, the town council and a group of knights, and proceed proudly and happily from Macchiaroli Castle to the centre of the village, where the ancient Roman streets (cardo and decumano) used to meet. Here a second re-enactment takes place: the town council gives its approval to the wedding.

Besides stalls and street performers, there are other elements that contribute to the perfect mediaeval atmosphere. Firstly, there are the inns, which serve traditional delicacies for the occasion, and secondly, there are the coins. Yes, when you come to Teggiano on the occasion of the "Tavola della Principessa Costanza" (Table of Princess Constance) you can exchange your current money for Coronati, Ducati, Tari and Tornesi, the ancient local coins that, even if only for a few days, come back to life.


The castle siege

More than for his marriage, Antonello Sanseverino went down in history for the Conspiracy of the Barons that was organised within the walls of the castle of Teggiano to rebel against Federico d'Aragona, King of Naples. But the conspiracy failed, and the king's retaliation did not take long to arrive. In 1497, little more than ten years after the triumphal entry of Costanza and Antonello into the village, the troops of Naples attacked the castle. Antonello resisted for over two months, but eventually fell under the assault. This dreadful moment is re-enacted one night at midnight during the three-day festival of Teggiano, with a firework show and an actual assault on the castle. Much better than a history book, isn't it?

Credit to: Vincenzo Biancamano

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