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The small village in the province of Chieti, perched on a rocky spur dominating the Sangro valley, preserves, substantially intact, the urban layout of its medieval foundation. The village is located in a fantastic natural setting that offers numerous opportunities for taking nature walks. Worth visiting are the Church of the Madonna del Soccorso and the Church of San Giovanni Battista, which preserve two works of absolute artistic value: the polychrome wooden sculpture of the Madonna Enthroned with Child and the marvellous and elegant altarpiece. The natural scenery is dominated by extensive oak woods in which the remains of ancient settlement structures are hidden; from here it is possible to visit places of great enchantment and charm, including: the Verde di Borrello waterfalls; the prehistoric engravings of Civitaluparella; and the Samnite and Roman archaeological sites of Trebula and Juvanum.


66040 Fallo CH, Italia

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