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Costa dei Trabocchi


The symbols of Abruzzo, from Vasto to Ortona

The Abruzzo coast is renowned for its “trabocchi” fishing machines. They are wooden constructions suspended over the water, connected to the mainland by a footbridge. Dating back to the Phoenicians, about 30 remain along the so-called Trabocchi Coast between Vasto and Ortona.

Your journey begins at Vasto Marina, where you can find the most beautiful trabocchi at Punta Penna. We recommend visiting the Punta Aderci Nature Reserve before heading towards Torino di Sangro, where you can access the Punta Le Morge trabocco from the beach. You can also cycle along the coast following the Via Verde.

The Promontorio Dannunziano offers spectacular views of the coastline. From here, a path leads down to the Turchino trabocco. There are other trabocchi at Valle Grotte, Punta Fornace, San Giacomo and Punta del Porto, all the way to Ortona, with magnificent sea views. You can enjoy the most beautiful view along the L’Orientale promenade.

In Ortona, don’t miss the 13th-century Cathedral of St. Tommaso, the Convent of St Anne, the Aragonese Castle, Palazzo Farnese and Palazzo Corvo. Near the town is Ripari di Giobbe, accessible via a wooden staircase along the cliff, where you can swim in idyllic water.

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Costa dei Trabocchi

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