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Monterosso Almo


The show begins before arriving in Monterosso. Among winding roads that offer breathtaking views, green heights and clear skies, the journey already offers a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Then, suddenly, you see the village, perched on a mountain, with an ancient and dreamy appearance. The area in which it stands has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the necropolis of Monte Casasia, located in the Canalazzo Forest Park. And then finally we arrive in the village, where the gestures, rhythms and hospitality are the authentic ones of yesteryear, and where we get lost admiring the Santuario dell'Addolorata with its art treasures, the Matrice church with its neo-Gothic façade. But those who want to discover the village at its most magical time should come at Christmas, when an exciting living nativity scene is set up in a natural grotto.

Monterosso Almo

97010 Monterosso Almo RG, Italia

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