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Ostello Comunale Grangia Benedettina


Grangia Benedettina in Orio Litta

Discovering the ancient Ostello Comunale Grangia Benedettina hostel in Orio Litta is like travelling back in time several centuries, as it dates back to even earlier than the year 1000. Having passed through century after century unscathed, it still stands proud and stark in this tiny commune in the Lodi area. A religious structure with a rural style, it is a beautiful sight to behold thanks to its panoramic tower that overlooks the bank of the River Lambro.


From past to present, along the Via Francigena

Since the ancient past through to modern times, Grangia Benedettina has welcomed pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena, offering an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that emanates from every corner of the building, starting with the striking portico. The rooms on the second floor offer a priceless view: try to plan your visit around sunset if you can. You will not regret it!


A place where time stands still since the Middle Ages

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Grangia Benedettina later became the farmstead of the Benedictines of San Pietro di Laus. Fortunately, subsequent renovations over time have not compromised the charming effect that this site, which has always been a place of spirituality, has on all who visit. To this day, it remains a structure that anyone on holiday in this area or passing through should definitely set aside time to visit.


Grangia as a granary

The little-used Italian word grangia derives from an ancient Latin word that became grance in French, meaning granary. This term initially indicated a building structure used to store both grain and seed.

The meaning of the word, however, changed over time and soon came to refer first to a farming estate, and then to a vast medieval monastic grange, later becoming Cascina San Pietro.


The Panoramic Tower, open to wayfarers

Its most distinctive feature is the tower, which houses two small rooms on two floors with four beds. Just as in the past, today it still provides accommodation for travellers in the area who need to spend the night. The entire site is enclosed by a large square courtyard. If you are looking for a moment of peace and recollection to find yourself again, simply stroll beneath the portico and let yourself become immersed in complete silence and meditation.


A visit to Villa Litta Carini

If you decide to visit to the town centre, don't forget to take in the splendid Villa Litta Carini, a late Baroque residence with a rather lavish look. This provides a stark contrast with the rugged rural appearance of Grangia Benedettina, which nevertheless is just as striking at first glance, especially following its renovation in 2000, when the site underwent a very careful restyling, falling under the Jubilee funding for “major works”.

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Ostello Comunale Grangia Benedettina

26863 Orio Litta LO, Italia

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