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The home of the violin, among thriving plains and protected green areas

The province of Cremona boasts many protected green areas, including regional parks and nature reserves. However, visitors flock to the area not only for these natural paradises, such as the Oglio and Serio Regional Parks, but also for its elegant cities, like Cremona and Crema.

Your first stop when visiting the provincial capital should undoubtedly be the Torrazzo bell tower, which stands beside Cremona Cathedral. At 112 metres high, it is among the tallest bell towers in Europe. You can visit this undisputed icon of the city by climbing no fewer than 502 steps, but the views you will enjoy from the top make it worth the effort.
Cremona is also considered the home of violins ⁠— we recommend visiting the Violin Museum, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Piazza del Comune.

The historic centre of Crema, within the Serio Park, is easily accessible by foot. Be sure not to miss the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Croce, the former Convent of Sant’Agostino, which now houses the Civic Museum of Crema and the central Piazza del Duomo.

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