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A village on the lakeshore

The village of Ossuccio, on Lake Como, overlooks a gulf known as Zoca de l’Oli, which translates as “smooth as oil”, because of its placid waters.

The village was founded back in Roman times, many traces of which remain, such as the 11th-century church of Santa Maria Maddalena. The 14th-century bell tower features a Gothic-style spire overlaid on the pre-existing Romanesque structure. From the jetty below the church, you can take a ferry to Isola Comacina, which is nicknamed the “Medieval Pompeii” because of the Roman remains you can admire there.

In Ossuccio, we recommend heading along the Strada Statale Regina to visit the church of San Giacomo. This tiny church overlooking the lake offers wonderful views. Just outside the centre is Barbarossa Tower, built in medieval times to defend the area. You can get to it by walking through the woods.

Near the village stands Villa Balbianello, a beautiful 18th-century mansion surrounded by a large park. You can enjoy spectacular views of the lake from the gardens. Standing tall over the village is the Sacro Monte di Ossuccio, a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna del Soccorso.

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