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A medieval heart and a contemporary soul, Bergamo is a jewel set within ancient World Heritage walls 

Bergamo is one of a kind. It is characterised by an older part located on a hill, rich in medieval remains, and a modern part at its foot, born and raised with industrial expansion. Two souls and one heart. Ideal for a holiday of exploration, it promises a conquest at every step.

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Val Brembana

A hiker’s paradise a stone’s throw from Bergamo A lush paradise on the outskirts of Bergamo that offers visitors countless outdoor activities, magnificent landscapes and picturesque villages. This is Val Brembana, home to some of the highest peaks in the Bergamasque Alps, including Diavolo di Tenda, at 2,914 metres, and Diavolino, at 2,810 metres. If you are ready to take on these trails, you will be rewarded with beautiful panoramic views from the summit. During your excursions, you can stop for a hot meal or a rest at one of the mountain huts in Val Brembana, such as the Grassi, Capanna 2000 or Laghi Gemelli, named after the legend of a tragic love affair between two local young people. In Val Brembana, you can also experience the thrill of walking across the world’s longest Tibetan bridge: the Ponte nel Sole, which is suspended in mid-air for over 500 metres. Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the Val Brembana cycle path, a section carved out of the area of the old, now largely disused railway that runs alongside the Brembo river. From Villa d’Almè station in Bergamo you can reach Piazza Brembana in about an hour and a half. The valley also caters for visitors seeking relaxation and tranquillity. In Oltre il Colle, you can visit the Tree Cathedral, a symbol of harmony between human beings and nature. Anyone who loves small villages will find a true medieval jewel in Cornello dei Tasso, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Or you can treat yourself to a trip to the thermal baths of San Pellegrino, where the beauty of nature intertwines with the magnificence of Art Nouveau.

Bergamo, medieval heart, contemporary soul

Bergamo is a city of art, precious architecture and bastions, opera music and delicious traditional cuisine. The city centre, surrounded by historic villages, is an extraordinary opportunity for discovery, shopping and entertainment. Lose yourself in its festivals, concerts and shows. And you will fall madly in love with it.

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