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A city symbolising power and royalty in Lombardy

Monza is undoubtedly one of the most renowned urban centres in Lombardy. Rich in history, its origins date back to the Iron Age. You will be enchanted by the beautiful black and white façade of Monza Cathedral, the 6th-century Basilica of St John the Baptist. Inside, you will find the Chapel of Queen Theodolinda, a masterpiece of Gothic art, which houses the Iron Crown, the most famous example of Lombard goldsmithing.

An air of royalty permeates Monza. The Royal Villa, or Reggia di Monza, is a must-see. This huge, neoclassical building, the former residence of the Habsburgs, is surrounded by its enormous Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe. Anyone with a passion for engines can visit the Monza Circuit, built in 1922 and still a go-to track for motorbike sports. 

Walking through the streets of the centre, you will come across the Arengario, an ancient, 13th-century municipal palace. As you continue along the Lambro river, you will discover the many bridges that cross it, starting with the most famous, the Ponte dei Leoni.

You can treat yourself to a bite to eat at one of the typical trattorias. We recommend trying the risotto with Luganega, a sausage typical of Monza.

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20900 Monza MB, Italia

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