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Acropolis of Alatri


To the origins of Roman myths

A city of art and mysteries, Alatri is located in the southern part of Lazio, in the province of Frosinone. One of the reasons why it attracts tourists from all over Italy and beyond every year is undoubtedly its Acropolis. Often also known as "Civita", it occupies the highest part of the village and its foundation is traced back to an ancient Roman myth. According to tradition, it was the Pelasgian people, direct descendants of the god Saturn, who laid the foundation stone of the town. 

The colossal stone blocks that make up the Acropolis walls leave all visitors amazed. The huge stone walls, which extend for a perimeter of two kilometres, are still admired and well preserved today. At the top of the "Civita" is the Cathedral of St Paul, built on the remains of a 10th-century temple. On the inside, you can still admire original parts of the building and the statue of St Sixtus.

In summer, don't miss the Altari Folklore Festival, which takes place in mid-August. Indulge in intense evenings of dance, traditional music, live performances, culinary delicacies and handicrafts late into the night, all within the charming old town.

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Acropolis of Alatri

Via del Duomo, 31, 03011 Alatri FR, Italy

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