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Vespa travel in Italy or on a vintage Fiat 500 for an authentic Italian holiday

14 September 2022

4 minutes

Ever thought of planning a Vespa trip to Italy? Or is a drive in a vintage Fiat 500 more your thing? In any case, regardless of the vehicle you choose, this is the only way to experience a retro holiday.
Of course, the Fiat 500 and the Vespa are the icons of an unforgettable time in Italian history: the 1950s. These post-war years were challenging, but free. The years of the “Vacanze Romane” (Roman Holiday) and the economic boom. Since then, the passion for out-of-town trips that turn into true journeys in these two now iconic vehicles has never lost momentum.

So, why not plan a summer holiday in Italy riding a Vespa or driving a Fiat 500?
Here are some made-in-Italy itineraries tailor-made to experience on two or four strictly vintage wheels, along with plenty of information on scooter rental in Italy and hiring vintage vehicles for your holidays.

Tour the Tuscan hills

tour of the tuscan hills

Tuscany is the first destination we recommend for a journey on a Vespa or in a vintage Fiat 500, in that perfect slow-drive style, starting in the province of Siena and taking you to one of the most charming landscapes in Italy: Chianti, the historical and cultural hub of Italian food and wine. With My Tour Tuscany Experts, you can hire these two historic vehicles, in their original restored versions, accompanied by knowledgeable guides, for a seven-hour tour.

You will traverse the hilly land of Chianti, once the scene of battles and wars, today the birthplace of the famous wine of the same name (among the most loved in the world). A picture postcard area, brought to life by continuous twists and turns, where the grey olive trees alternate with the green vineyards. With the roof open and window down in a Fiat 500, or helmet strapped on with the wind in your hair on your Vespa.
Along the route, you will make the occasional “technical” pit stop, for the guide to check everything, and other stops for refreshments, letting you enjoy the many traditional shops, where you can taste local food and wine.

The Langhe Castles

the castles of the langhe

A land of ancient challenges between local lords, feudal lords and vassals, the Langhe is full of mysterious castles to visit. Driving Vintage in Torino will give you a true experience of the good old days, on a motorised “steed” or “carriage”, amid vineyards and colourful churches, through landscapes immersed in silence. The Vespa and Fiat 500 are the ideal means of transport to hire to explore this area, home to Piedmont's best wines and culinary traditions, revisited in a modern key. The short distances and narrow roads winding through the hills make for an enchanting journey in these vehicles.

Your journey in the Langhe has five stages. The first is Castle of Roddi: you will find yourself in the presence of a medieval manor, flanked by two imposing towers. You will then reach the Grinzane Cavour Castle, known for having hosted Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour. You will stop by Serralunga and then at Barolo, where the 13th-century Faletti communal castle is now a Wine Museum. The last destination is the Castle of Novello, at the bottom of the valley, which dominates the fortress from above, with its neo-Gothic style.

A vintage tour of Liguria

vintage ligurian tour

Would you like to tour the streets of Genoa, Portofino and Camogli in a vintage vehicle? Then the Slow Vintage Tour is the experience for you! You will discover the locations of the Ligurian Riviera, from the Lanterna to the historic Rolli Palaces, crossing the Porto Antico, the seaside streets with the villages of Boccadasse and Nervi, and the panoramic views of the Via Aurelia. All in that perfect slow style.

You can choose between two different routes, each with itineraries of different durations.
The fastest route is discovering the city centre of Genoa by Vespa or Fiat 500. A must-see is the Spianata di Castelletto, a panoramic balcony that offers 360-degree views of the entire historic town, the port and the sea.
Then there is the slower discovery tour of the Riviera di Levante. After renting your preferred vehicle in Santa Margherita Ligure, you will drive to Portofino or Camogli, admiring the Golfo Paradiso and gulf of Tigullio. This romantic and charming setting is even more beautiful when explored with a partner.

The attractions of the Itria Valley

itria valley attractions

We conclude our tour of vintage vehicles in the south of Italy, specifically in the Itria Valley. Charming Tours offers different itineraries, lasting three to four hours, that let you experience the beauty and authenticity of Apulia. You can choose to explore the Itria Valley, a region famous for its barren landscape and “trulli” (whitewashed, cone-roofed houses), among vineyards, centuries-old olive trees, dairies and ancient fortified farms. At the wheel of a Fiat 500 or in the saddle of a Vespa Piaggio, you will drive around the districts of Alberobello, discovering times gone by. Or you will pass through the territories of Locorotondo, Ostuni and Martina Franca, an enchanting karstic cave covered with unmistakable reddish earth.

Your self-guided or guided journey through Italy, accompanied by these vehicles that have made history, is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a holiday outside the box. The perfect way to enjoy “slow” tourism, where quality rules over the speed of mass and consumer tourism.

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