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Museums and monuments

Close encounters in the Museum

Stroll around space, time, art and history, discovering different realities and epochs, as distant from each other as they are from us.

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Museums especially have a sublime ability to stimulate close contact between visitors and the works on display, generally organized around specific topics: it matters little whether they are historical museums, a sacrarium or art galleries. In any case, the materials they contain are the outcome of eternal battles: men against other men in times of conquest and even the battle of sculptors with blocks of marble or painters with a blank canvas. Today, technology challenges the museum concept as merely home to relics by proposing a new, full-immersion approach.

Aosta Valley: gateway to the Alps


Simply taking the futuristic panoramic lifts from the village to the peak and the Fortress of Bard is in itself part of the experience. The Museum of the Alps here has 29 rooms that unfold a multi-sensory, full-immersion journey explaining the secrets of the mountain formation.

Turin: the court of the Pharaohs

Egyptian Museum - Turin, Piedmont

The statues of divinities or Pharaohs are set with skilful play of light and shadow in a room with Pompeii-red walls: Dante Ferretti, an Oscar-winning set designer, transformed the main room of the Egyptian Museum in Turin into a theatre celebrating the civilization of the Pharaohs. The various multimedia services installed in the museum embrace visitors in archaeology, revealing unique details of the finds on show.

Milan: Leonardo close up

Milan: Leonardo close up

Combining scientific and artistic culture: this is the mission of the "Leonardo da Vinci" National Museum of Science and Technology. First hand emotion and enjoyment: these are the ingredients for a memorable visit that also reveals Leonardo as an engineer and humanist.

Mestre: a leap back to the 1900s

Mestre: a leap back to the 1900s

Dedicated to the times when the lives of Italians and mankind as a whole changed more than in any other century: the 1900s. The M9 Museum in Mestre is the first entirely virtual museum in Italy dedicated to a specific period of time: eight theme-based sections, 6,000 photos, 820 videos and 500 prints are just some of the resources available to visitors.

Siracusa: Spartans and Athenians in battle

Siracusa: Spartans and Athenians in battle

A tour around the Gulf of Siracusa also means making a journey through time: the distributed virtual museum of the Sicilian town. Punta Maddalena offers a full-immersion "tele-transportation" experience back to crucial epochs - from the epic battles of antiquity to the Allied landing in Sicily.

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