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All aboard a campervan for Easter

Easter in a campervan: 5 destinations for a carefree, on-the-road holiday

Here are 5 travel ideas for an alternative Easter in a campervan, discovering the most beautiful country in the world: Italy.

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Are you looking for a different type of Easter, a chance to switch off and listen to your own rhythms, leaving stress and deadlines behind? Rather than the destination, think about the journey, and the right vehicle with which to set off. Choose an Easter itinerary in a campervan, a guarantee of an authentic, tailor-made, on-the-road holiday in the comfortable setting of a house on wheels. A campervan is the most immersive mode of transport for an open-air getaway, exploring regions, traditions and landscapes that are off the beaten track.

If you don't own a campervan or a motorhome, you can enjoy the experience of renting one and touring Italy without relinquishing the privilege of sleeping or sipping an aperitif in the most poetic and scenic spots, inaccessible to most. From north to south, we recommend 5 destinations for an Easter in a campervan, on a route tailor-made to suit your desires.

In Piedmont, by campervan on the Strada Romantica, between the Langhe and Roero

Vineyards in the Langhe and Roero area of Piedmont

If you choose to spend Easter in a campervan in Piedmont, make your way to the Strada Romantica (Romantic Road) of the Langhe and Roero. Amidst the scents of nature as it awakens, the flavours of regional food and wine, the charm of the terraced hillsides with their vineyards, and the allure of the villages, this is a journey that will revive all your senses.

The itinerary covers 130 kilometres: from Vezzo D'Alba, in the Roero, the land of truffles, with the castles of Langa and Roero, the vineyards of Neive, the fortresses of Treiso, the heights of Mombarcaro, from which you can see the Ligurian Sea, and the botanical heritage of Camerana. This is an opportunity to learn about the ancient Easter tradition of the Canté j'euv, a kind of musical egg hunt around the farmsteads. At each stop you will find a romantic bench overlooking stunning views, and plenty of nature trails to explore on foot or by bike.

In Veneto, along the fragrant Prosecco route

The Prosecco Hills in Veneto

From one UNESCO heritage site to the next, but still following the routes of the Italian wine territory. For a campervan holiday, one ideal route is among the slopes and villages of the Prosecco Road, a journey through art, landscapes and flavours, criss-crossed by countless hiking and cycling routes.

Along the way there are numerous rest areas and agritourisms offering overnight accommodation. One vineyard leads to another around Conegliano, in the Marca Trevigiana, with its mediaeval castle; also not to be missed are the churches of Valdobbiadene, in a setting dotted with abbeys, Palladian villas, wine museums and wine cellars offering tastings. Easter in a campervan in Veneto, accompanied by a glass of Prosecco and traditional dishes, really promises to be sparkling.

In the Marche, between Conero and Recanati, in the footsteps of Leopardi

View of the city and hills of Recanati

Driving down from the north-east towards central Italy, a campervan is the ideal means of transport for travelling along the spectacular stretch of the Conero Riviera, which at Easter showcases its clearest and most vibrant colours, including the sea and the great Conero Park, with the hills of the “Infinito" described by Giacomo Leopardi behind it. The road from the port of Ancona to the port of Numana, via Portonovo and Sirolo, is a constellation of Blue Flag municipalities - seaside resorts that respect sustainable land management - with campsites where you can stay and beaches that are as yet unspoilt.

From Sirolo, head inland to Loreto, nestled among hills and centuries-old olive groves, and a destination, with its Sanctuary, of Marian pilgrimage. Here, on Good Friday, you can witness the rite of the Living Passion, which brings together hundreds of costumed characters and other participants. In Loreto you will also find a convenient rest stop that can be used as a base for further exploration of the interior, as far as Recanati, once again following in the footsteps of the Poet.

In Campania, amidst the villages of the Amalfi Coast in a campervan

Coastal road near Positano in Campania

With the first warmth of spring, the coastline from Positano to Vietri, east of the Sorrento peninsula, is in full bloom, the sea is crystal clear and the beaches are still uncrowded. This is the perfect opportunity for a romantic motorhome getaway on the Amalfi Coast. Here, you can visit the colourful villages overlooking the sea, Positano, Amalfi, Minori, and Ravello, or take part in the many religious re-enactments celebrated at Easter.

However, we recommend studying the route well. It is best to set up base in one of the many campsites or agri-campsites in Sorrento and make use of the extensive network of buses that connect the town with the towns along the coast, which you can also reach from the sea on scheduled boats for a scenic trip.

In Apulia and Basilicata: coast to coast from the Ionian Sea to the Adriatic

Two guys on the roof of a camper at sunset in Italy

If, on the other hand, you are planning to spend Easter in a campervan in Apulia and Basilicata, here is a well-recommended itinerary that combines on-the-road and coast-to-coast. From Metaponto, a thriving Magna Graecia centre on the Ionian Sea, to the white Salento town of Ostuni, overlooking the Adriatic, by way of the charming village of Bernalda.

In this part of the country, it's well worth spending a day or two at the Sassi di Matera, a splendid UNESCO World Heritage site in the heart of the town in the Basilicata region. Here, the traditional Via Crucis takes place on Good Friday, and you can also pay a visit to the scenic Grotte di Castellana, close to which you will find a handy rest area. Finally, head to the Trulli of Alberobello and the other coastline, with Monopoli and finally Ostuni. To be on the safe side, always bring a swimsuit and towel: there is room for everything in a campervan.

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