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Grosseto, Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism 2024

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The jury of the European Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism contest, the equivalent of the European Capital of Smart Tourism prize for smaller sustainable destinations, awarded the title of winner to the beautiful city of Grosseto in Tuscany.

The aim of the competition is to create a network of European destinations to share best practices for the promotion of sustainable tourism as part of the green transition.

An ancient city with a youthful and innovative spirit

Cala Violina

An intriguing city in Tuscany nestled on the Tyrrhenian coast, Grosseto offers an exciting mix of history, culture and natural beauty.

Founded by the Etruscans, the city boasts a rich historical heritage and unique landscapes that attract thousands of tourists every year to explore its history and coastline as part of slow tourism initiatives.

For a city to preserve its identity, it must also preserve its land, and Grosseto – with about 30% of its protected zones dedicated to agriculture – is focusing on increasingly practical agritourism services.

The Maremma Regional Park, with its numerous agritourism initiatives, offers a year-round activity schedule with cooking, tasting workshops and cycle routes suitable for all ages and abilities.

The jury of the European Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism competition acknowledged Grosseto's desire and ability to combine culture, archaeology, scientific research and sustainable tourism to create a responsible tourism experience.

A city looking to the future

Ciclisti in una tratto turistico della Toscana

For some time now, Grosseto has been focused on accessibility for its beaches, monuments and city centre, developing a transport system that incorporates bikes and a shuttle service that can be booked via an app.

In future, the city intends to offer residents and tourists a vast green space, a haven where they can run, walk, go for a bike ride or just relax.

In addition, the Grosseto Urban Trekking project aims to promote slow tourism, local art and history, creating a network of cycle paths that will foster green mobility and responsible exploration by connecting the entire province.

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