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Vescovio Sanctuary


The church of Santa Maria di Vescovio, also known as Santa Maria della Lode, was established as the cathedral of the Forum Novum diocese in the 9th century AD and extended its jurisdiction over the Sabine dioceses of Nomentum (Mentana) and Cures (Passo Corese), giving rise to the Episcopium that later became a Vescovio. Featuring a single nave and a raised presbytery with a semi-annular crypt, the structure preserves a cycle of frescoes with scenes from the Holy Scriptures and a large Last Judgement of the Cavallini school.


Sunday - Saturday
09:00 am-08:00 pm
Ordina per
Vescovio Sanctuary
Vocabolo, Str. Santuario Vescovio, 02049 Torri in Sabina RI, Italia
Call +393664547676 Website

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