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Simbruini Mountains Regional Nature Park


The Simbruini Mountains Regional Park covers approximately 30,000 hectares of protected territory between the Aniene valley in the north-west, the Abruzzo border in the east and the Ernici mountains in the south. It is very important for its great biodiversity, which includes many protected and endangered species. It is populated by herds of deer, wild boar and roe deer, which are important food sources for the wolves in the area. Furthermore, various species of birds, including the golden eagle, nest in the park, whilst several species of amphibians, such as the salamander, can be found there; reptiles, such as the grass snake and the European asp, are also well represented. The mountain peaks reach 2,000 metres, with extensive beech forests, karst plateaus and abundant spring water. There are seven municipalities within the park: small towns rich in historical and artistic remains, at times thousands of years old. In short, the park is undoubtedly a place of great historical, cultural and naturalistic value, which lends itself to all types of excursions, for all tastes and interests: whether long treks, walks or short strolls, on foot, on horseback, by mountain bike, with snowshoes...

Simbruini Mountains Regional Nature Park

Contrada, Via Carbonaro, 00020 Vallepietra RM, Italia


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