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Giro d'Italia

Stage 10 | Pescara - Jesi

cycling route
1 day
Best Period

April, May, June, September 

To cycle along this route is... to pass from the sparkling Adriatic coast to the tranquillity of the quiet Marche hills; from fish soup to salami and lentils; from shortness of breath on your bike to the thrill of some of the most beautiful poems in Italian literature. Do you need more to be convinced?


Where the waves break on the hillside

The cycling route runs along the Adriatic coast which in this stretch from Abruzzo to the Marches displays clear waters and long sandy beaches, protected by green pine forests. Then follows the Marche hinterland with its hills, which account for 69 per cent of the region’s territory: rolling hills with mildly sloping hillsides covered in orchards and sunflower fields. Close to Jesi, one of the few valleys: Vallesina, the only one that runs parallel to the coastline. Given its position, it is affected by both the fresh air of the mountains and the brackish winds of the Adriatic. The result is a unique microclimate, with strong temperature fluctuations, perfect for the vineyards. It is no coincidence that this is the area of Verdicchio, one of the most famous DOC wines of the Marche region.  


Riding your bike from Abruzzo to Marche

From the Adriatic coast, with its relaxed and holiday atmosphere, to the hills of the Marche, which invite silence and reflection. Both a change of pace on the pedals and a mental shift are needed to tackle the two halves of this itinerary inspired by the tenth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022. The leitmotif is the history that can be felt at every kilometre, because of three illustrious characters who have born here and left indelible marks in their homeland. Are you ready to discover them?

At Gabriele D’Annunzio’s home

giro d italia 10 area marina protetta torre del cerrano

If I say Pescara, you think of Gabriele D’Annunzio, who was born here in 1863. Before getting on the saddle, therefore, it is worth visiting the Museo Casa Natale (Birthplace Museum) dedicated to him, which was declared a National Monument in 1927. In nine rooms you can admire the furnishings, period furniture and some personal items belonging to the poet and his family. For an open-air walk, however, we suggest you stroll in the Pineta Dannunziana, the ‘green lung’ to the south of the city with Art Nouveau villas and buildings that will blow your mind. Now you can really get onto the saddle. The first part of the route is just to be fully enjoyed, as it is the state road that runs along the Adriatic coast: a flat stretch between the glittering sea on the right and the pine forests on the left. The only elements that will make you slow down are the pedestrian crossings and roundabouts. But there is a good reason to stop. In Silvi, just before Roseto degli Abruzzi, the Torre del Cerrano Protected Marine Area begins: uncontaminated sea waters that deserve a dip and then you sunbathe in the beach dunes.

On the solitary hill of Giacomo Leopardi

giro d italia 10 statua giacomo leopardi

The rules of the game change to get to the finish in Civitanova Marche. Having left the flat coastline, you must ride out of the saddle to negotiate the hills. The road becomes steeper and narrower. After about thirty undulating kilometres, it takes you to Recanati, the birthplace of another great protagonist of Italian literature: Giacomo Leopardi. Stopping here is a must, as you will immerse yourself in the immense artistic production of the Marche poet. The tour can only begin at Palazzo Leopardi, with its well-stocked library (containing over 20,000 volumes) where the poet and his brothers spent entire days studying. The dive into the poet’s life continues outside. In the small square that inspired the poem Il Sabato del Villaggio (The Village Saturday-Night); in the cloister of the church of Sant’Agostino, with the tower that recalls the poem Il Passero Solitario (The Lonely Sparrow); on the summit of Mount Tabor, where Leopardi composed L’infinito (The Infinite).

In the city of Frederick II

giro d italia 10 jesi

From literary to historical suggestions. The final part of this itinerary winds through walled medieval villages: the so-called “Castelli di Jesi”. They are also known as terrace towns, due to their position on top of the hills: all you need is a break to quench your thirst and a take a pic with your smartphone in any direction to bring home a splendid view. The route runs downhill in Monsano until one and a half kilometres to the finish. Then the road climbs with an average gradient of 2 percent until the finish in Jesi, a beautiful city with its perfectly preserved city walls, built on top of the Roman one. But Jesi is above all the city of Frederick II, who was born here in 1194. The square where the Roman forum was in ancient times is named after him, as is the Museum Frederick II Stupor Mundi, which tells the story of the life of the Swabian Emperor through sixteen themed rooms.


By the RCS Sport editorial staff