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Places of Culture

Museums and Archaeological Sites

Italy is a country of art and culture. This is not merely a boast: it is absolutely true… Wherever you are, you will come across a church, a ruin or a road that tells something of Italy's many centuries of history. From the coasts, the first and easy landing places for millennia, to the mountains that link Italy to the rest of Europe; from the smallest villages to the most modern cities, Italy has many museums revealing our art up close, from prehistoric times to the XXI century, thanks to works, artefacts and unique finds, as well as our culture, traditions and ancient crafts. A museum for every result of ingenuity, discovery and conquest.

So much history has taken place in Italy that entire sites are now open-air museums, with vestiges of ancient times ready to be discovered under the sun. Necropolis, settlements of the Roman Empire, traces of ancient civilizations resurfacing over time and accessible today to visitors from all over the world, who only here in Italy can find so many different examples. During summer, the offering is enriched by exclusive initiatives, such as visits at night or dawn, classical music concerts and performances of all kinds in incomparable settings.

Today you can access all this with a single click, booking your visit to the leading, most popular places of Italian culture online or by phone. You should exclusively use the official ticketing circuits associated with the places you wish to visit.

Discounts are available for groups, minors and the over-70s.

Admission is free to all state museums every first Sunday of the month.

We advise you always to refer to official channels even for tourist guides: be wary of people offering you this type of service on the street or near the Italian centres of culture and museums if they are not officially authorized.


Theatres and Cinemas

You can enjoy theatrical performances, concerts and film screenings in large cities as well as villages. From such a monument as La Scala in Milan to the many stages found in smaller towns, from latest-generation multi-screens to outdoor arenas or small provincial cinemas.

Many theatres are listed in tourist guides for their history, beautiful architecture, the works of art they contain or for having hosted such legends of music as Verdi, Puccini and Paganini. This is why it is possible today to take guided tours around our prestigious theatres, to learn about their richness and secrets, usually in the morning and in any case outside performance times.


Villas and Parks

From dawn to dusk, you can immerse yourself in the green settings of villas and city parks, go jogging or ride a bicycle. The offering is impressive, there are green spaces everywhere and they often boast jewels of architecture and art waiting to be discovered. In addition to villas and public parks, you can also immerse yourself in green settings in gardens and botanical gardens of great artistic and landscape value requiring paid admission. In this case, we advise you to book your visit to speed up access once you arrive at your chosen destination. The range of offers includes visits on foot, bicycle and horseback, and facilities accessible to everyone, from children to the elderly and people with disabilities.