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The Italian cellular mobile network is based on LTE technology. The 4G network is the most common and ensures an average coverage of 99.3% of national territory. 5G is currently only available in Milan, Bologna, Turin, Rome and Naples.

To call an Italian telephone number from abroad, you must dial the international prefix 0039 (+39), followed by the user's telephone number, whether you are using a landline or a mobile phone. To call another country from Italy, you must enter 00 (+) and the international prefix of the country you wish to call, then the number of the user you want to contact. This rule also applies if you use your mobile phone in Italy with a foreign contract (such as your country of origin).

Depending on the duration of your stay, we recommend that you consider purchasing an Italian sim card to keep costs down. For calls made inside Italy, simply dial the telephone number without the international prefix. Public telephones (found on streets, in certain premises and in shopping centres) work with coins or cards that can be purchased at tobacconists, newsagents and telephony shops.

For information about roaming services and any costs you may have to incur, please consult the specific page on


As for internet browsing, if you do not have a tariff plan that allows you to use the data network at no additional cost, we recommend using the wi-fi networks available throughout the country. In addition to wi-fi networks made available by hotels, you can use those offered free of charge by many businesses, such as bars and restaurants, attractions, places of culture, etc.

Another very useful service is the one provided by the "Piazza Wifi Italia" project, the national free internet access network. Before leaving, download the app (available for iOS and Android) and register. Thanks to the geo-localized map (that can also be downloaded for off-line use), you can easily locate the Piazza Wifi Italia closest to you.

It is always possible to buy a sim card from an Italian operator offering the gigabytes you need for the duration of your stay.


Electricity available everywhere in Italy at 220 volts alternating current at a frequency of 50 hertz. Electrical sockets comply with European legislation. Most hotels have adapters for special plugs.


Drinking water supplies are assured throughout the country: you can drink the water from all taps and fountains.

In rare instances where the water is not drinkable, you will always find a sign that warns you with the wording "Non Potabile".