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Hospitality and Catering

Hotels and Accommodation Facilities

Italy has a very broad offering of hospitality services: there are many hotels, farm holiday centres, residences and b&bs ready to welcome you just a stroll from the beach, in the city, in the hinterland or in the mountains. Large, traditional hotel chains offering every desirable modern comfort are also joined by find smaller realities, often in exclusive architectural contexts, such as noble homes, castles and period villas. It will be a different way to enjoy your holiday, immersed in the history and art that only Italy can offer.

Farm holiday centres are among the proposals that make Italy stand out from many other countries: these facilities are found in genuine Italian farms, from the most rural to full-scale, charming mansions. Here, more than anywhere else, you will be able to savour local produce, respecting the seasons and Italian agricultural traditions, enjoying different experiences throughout the year, from farm animals to harvesting. Located throughout Italy, these centres are also the starting point for itineraries on foot, bicycle or horseback discovering many treasures.

The accommodation offering today also includes an ever-growing number of eco and green facilities, where respect for the environment is as sacred as the well-being of guests.

Camping enthusiasts will find the perfect solution for every aspiration in Italy: in tents, of course, but also in caravans, campers or bungalows (when available). The latest trend, for 100% contact with nature, includes tents suspended on cables between trees, even in woods high in the mountains.

Many facilities in Italy offer additional services to help make your stay more enjoyable: wellness centres, gyms, restaurants, excursions, cultural visits and much more, some included in the cost of the stay, others available on request.



Italian restaurants serve an enormous variety of food and wine experiences in every corner of the country. The renowned Mediterranean diet here is interpreted through a thousand colours, from the true tastes of tradition to the inventions of our many starred chefs. Family-run restaurants, where you can discover the true flavour of Italian cuisine and its regional nuances, are flanked by avant-garde realities in the world of food. Not to mention vegan, fusion and zero km alternatives. They are to be found everywhere: you can eat in a starred restaurant at high altitude, surrounded by snow, or in a typical trattoria in the centre of a large city. To enjoy our food and wine to the utmost, we suggest you book your seat at table in the venue you prefer in advance.


Meal Times

The times for sitting sit down at table in Italy vary between north and south: the trend in the north is to start both lunch and dinner earlier, while in the south it is usual to start much later.

In accommodation facilities, restaurants, diners or bars, lunch is usually served from 12.30 pm until 2.30 PM. For particular anniversaries or events, lunch start time and duration may vary.

Aperitifs - the not to be missed appointment! Aperitifs are generally enjoyed from 6.00 PM until dinner time. Originating as a moment of relaxation at the end of a day's work, especially in central-northern Italy, it has quickly become a chance to taste small gastronomic delights accompanied by Spritz and Italian Prosecco by now routine all over the country.

Classic dinners are normally served from 7.30 PM until 11.00 PM.

You will also find places that serve late dinners for after theatre and people who prefer dining in the middle of the night.



Tips are not mandatory and there are no established rules in Italy. It is customary to leave a figure close to 10% of the bill when the customer is satisfied with the service.