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Palazzo Reale Milano


Among history and contemporary exhibitions

The Royal Palace of Milan is one of the city’s most visited exhibition spaces. It stands in the small square of the same name, to the right of the façade of Milan Cathedral.

Its ancient history is intertwined with that of the noble families that alternated in governing Milan, from Sforza to Spanish rule, through the Habsburgs and the Savoy. After the Second World War, the building hosted the memorable Caravaggio exhibition.

Under the Visconti family, the palace’s architecture acquired the imposing size and magnificence typical of Renaissance courts, reaching the height of its splendour during the Napoleonic era and with the return of the Austrians, thanks to the skill of artist Hayez and architect Pelagi.

Its most beautiful rooms include the Sala dei Ministri or Sala della Rotonda, with its striking hemispherical vault, and the Sala delle Otto Colonne, a vast rectangular area divided into three naves by the columns that give the room its name. 

Today, the Royal Palace is a cultural centre in the heart of the city: it plays a vital role in the field of art and hosts exhibitions of well-known painters and sculptors.


10:00 am-07:30 pm
Tuesday - Wednesday
10:00 am-07:30 pm
10:00 am-10:30 pm
Friday - Saturday
10:00 am-07:30 pm


For more information visit the official website



For more information visit the official website

Palazzo Reale Milano del Duomo, 12, 20122 Milano MI, Italia

Call +390288465230 Website

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