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Let yourself get carried away with excitement for all the popular snow and ice sports in Italy, alpine skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and more. If you are looking for an immersive experience in unspoiled nature, you may decide to go cross country skiing or to take long walks in snowshoes. To have fun with in company, all you need is a group sport: have you ever tried polo?

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Alpe Lusia

Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino: the pure pleasure of unforgettable panoramic views across a 100-km landscape Cross-country skiing in the woods, modern and super-equipped ski lifts and accommodation facilities suitable for all budgets. The Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino ski area is a paradise highly suitable for family outings. Two different ski resorts, both of which are small jewels within the area of the Dolomites extending from the San Pellegrino Pass to Moena and Val di Fassa, will be perfect destinations for those who love authentic mountain settings. An overview Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino is a highly popular resort chosen by younger people, who will find everything they are looking for in this area offering 100 kilometres of ski-runs. In numerical terms, the ski zone has 23 ski lifts, 3 snow parks, various toboggan runs and 30 kilometres of cross-country ski tracks. During the winter season, at venues close to welcoming mountain lodges and in wonderful alpine settings various themed events are held which attract tourists from all over the world. For those who want to spend a lot of time skiing the first point of reference is Moena, a small picturesque town in the Trentino district where the cultural heritage and traditions of the Ladin people remain evident. Local hospitality and a strong interest in food and wine are almost proverbial characteristics. The heart of the ski area With its modern lifts and perfectly groomed slopes Alpe Lusia is just a few kilometres away. There are two ways to reach this ski area: you can follow the road that connects Moena and Passo San Pellegrino or start off from Bellamonte in the Val di Fiemme area. The pistes are suitable for all requirements and levels of preparation. There are also some “black” slopes that descend towards Località I Ronc: the “Piavac”, considered fairly difficult, and the “Fiamme Oro 1” route. For the little ones there is a Baby Club service provided by the “Moena Dolomiti” Ski School. For those who want to enjoy the mountain air and panoramic views the most spectacular points are along the Catinaccio, Sassolungo, Pale di San Martino and Latemar mountain ranges. The wide San Pellegrino Pass offers high-altitude ski tracks extending into the territory of the Veneto region and more technically challenging trails crossing the Col Margherita area. The Col Margherita peak is situated halfway between Moena and Falcade at an altitude of 1,918 metres. Several ski schools are available in this area and one can engage in a variety of alternative activities, such as sledding or simply walking along the trails. There are also some freeride routes, including a track called La Volata. This piste, very definitely falling within the “super black” category and one of the most recently established in the district, is ready to host increasingly important competitions. If you’re not really into skiing, you might consider other activities There is always a good reason to explore these areas, most of which are practically unspoiled. Apart from off-piste excursions, you might try the snowshoeing experience, getting a lot exercise and travelling across marvellous snowbound landscapes. And then, of course, during the summer months a walk through these alpine settings would be a splendid idea.

Monte Civetta

Monte Civetta: a monument exalting sport and the natural world The geographical position of Monte Civetta and the Val Civetta in general makes this zone in the province of Belluno one of the most beautiful and often heavily snowbound local districts. This wonderful mountain range is in the heart of the Agordino Dolomites, between Alleghe, Selva di Cadore and Val di Zoldo. A track that suits all needs Civetta is a paradise for everyone and especially skiers who are passionate about the World Cup. The memorable pistes in the area in fact include the famous Foppe downhill ski run: a black or, let's say, a “very black” route. You will have no problems finding a place to stay overnight as there are several hotel and (mainly family-run) accommodation facilities in the area which offer solutions suitable for all budgets. If you visit the area during the summer and go on some of the more or less challenging trekking tours, you might also consider the mountain refuges and lodges. The Torriani and Tissi refuges have become veritable local institutions. A few statistics relating to the Monte Civetta area You will certainly enjoying venturing out on the 80 kilometres of ski tracks crossing the heart of the Belluno district of the Dolomites. In this area there are 22 ski lifts, 2 snow parks, 1 entertainment park for children, toboggan runs and cross-country skiing pistes. Those who want to remain out on the snow in the moonlight can also engage in night-skiing excursions. At Valzoldana there are 5 kilometres of illuminated tracks. The Civetta zone also attracts large numbers of cross-country skiers, who can ski along the 40 kilometres of local routes, the most important of which are at Selva di Cadore, Zoldo and Palafavera. Those who practice mountain skiing may choose between various pistes. One of the most important extends along the north face of the Civetta massif. And then, our little ones will have a lot of fun in the snow in the Happy Park at Alleghe, at the Zoldoland play-park and on the pistes of the Santa Fosca ski school. Monte Civetta is a paradise also for various other reasons apart from skiing. Visitors can spend time at the ice stadiums or at the ice-polo centre or go skating and even have a go at ice-climbing. During the summer months other options include various hiking trails, climbing areas and the “vie ferrate” (protected climbing routes). People who love spending their time in the mountains will discover romantic villages that may be visited in all seasons of the year and, of course, the feast of vivid colours engendered by the sun as it sets on the horizon, inflaming the rocks and the snow-covered vegetation. Observing these natural spectacles will leave you with wonderful memories. Our advice Around the Col di Lana mountain there is a special ski route where one can participate in the Great-War Ski Tour. Starting from Alleghe, the itinerary extends through some of the main areas affected by the First World War conflict. You may also be escorted by an expert guide, who will reveal various curiosities of the sites. For holiday-makers who visit this area in the summer the Coldai Lake is certainly worth visiting. This splendid mountain lake is situated between Monte Civetta and Monte Coldai. A famous destination for lovers of the Dolomites who are attracted by the shades of its waters, the ease of access and a majestic natural dimension and landscape surrounding it, the lake is one of the most frequently visited and endearing attractions of the UNESCO Dolomites.
Relax & Wellness

Val di Pejo

Pejo, nature and wellness in the Alpine setting of Trentino Pejo is the oldest tourist resort in Val di Sole, surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Trentino. Immersed in the Stelvio National Park, it is famous for its thermal waters, which have been renowned since 1650. The name actually refers to two different locations: the village, at an altitude of almost 1,600 m above sea level, and, about 1 kilometre away, the hamlet of Pejo Fonti, at almost 1400 m, where the renowned Pejo Thermal Baths are located. Actually, make that three, including the Pejo 3,000 m ski area, a paradise for skiers. Thermal waters, yoga and meditation Known for centuries for its healing properties, the Terme di Pejo, more than a treatment centre, is a place of peace and recollection, where one can rediscover a harmonious balance between mind and body, including through meditation, dynamic yoga and breathing exercises. The courses and therapies based on its waters, which come from no less than three springs—Antica Fonte, Nuova Fonte and Fonte Alpina—are designed to combine physical and mental wellbeing through pleasant sensory and emotional involvement. The wellness area is fitted out with warm and elegant materials and divided into two zones: the hot area, with Finnish sauna, biosauna, Roman bath and steam bath; and the wet area, where you will find whirlpools, neck-massage waterfall, Kneipp path, ice waterfall, sensory and Scottish showers. There are also salt rooms, chromotherapy rooms, a solarium and a fitness area, all interconnecting to allow you to take a treatment and relaxation path designed for every need. The world's first plastic free ski area 20 kilometres of slopes and 7 lifts, the Pejo 3,000 ski area, with its star attraction, its cable car, which reaches an altitude of 3000 metres, has everything you need for fun in the snow, also for families: slopes for adults and children, snow parks, ski schools, fun slopes and a family park dedicated to the little ones, in a setting of snow-covered peaks and centuries-old forests. As of 2019, Pejo 3,000 has also become the first plastic-free ski area in the world. The project, shared by the tourist operators of the area, who have abandoned plastic plates, glasses and bottles, is the first step on a path that aims to preserve the natural mountain heritage and promote eco-sustainable tourism with an accent on fun. Hikes for all tastes Are you a slow walker or an extreme hiker? It doesn’t matter either way: you will be spoilt for choice in the Pejo Valley, with trekking routes suitable for every level of difficulty. If you enjoy demanding and strenuous climbs, you will find something to your liking by tackling the ascent to Rifugio Vioz or Rifugio Mantova; while for the less competitively inclined, there are simpler but no less enchanting itineraries, such as the Cevedale lakes tour or the trails to Lago di Covel or Lago di Pian Palù. And if you prefer to travel by mountain bike, there are plenty of options: among them is the impressive Great War tour, following the sites and historical evidence of the First World War. A museum as big as a valley The many cultural, historical and architectural itineraries have led to the entire Val di Pejo being designated as the Eco-museum of the Val di Peio Piccolo Mondo Alpino, an immense area that can be visited, which coincides with the extension of the valley and aims to promote local culture and community, the conservation of knowledge and historical memory. The Ecomuseum focuses on values such as the spiritual and the sacred, heritages such as water and minerals, traditions such as wood, bread, cheese, linen and wool; and historical events such as the Great War. It is housed in the former primary school in Celentino, a hamlet of Pejo and a venue for meetings, workshops and exhibitions.
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