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First stage of the Giro d'Italia 2023: from Fossacesia Marina to Ortona

Let's discover the treasures of Italy thanks to the Giro d'Italia. It starts around Abruzzo.

05 May 2023

1 minute

The departure is planned from Fossacesia, a splendid town overlooking the Adriatic, with a panoramic view of the Trabocchi Coast and the Maiella, lying on hills covered with marine fennel and broom, in the heart of the Mediterranean scrub.

In the hamlet of Fossacesia Marina, sheltered by a small bay called the Gulf of Venus, there are beaches with white pebbles and a crystal clear sea, and further south, for short stretches, also sand dunes.

Its history is very ancient, and an important trace of it remains in the form of the imposing abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, which stands on a hill between land and sea, where an Italic necropolis dating back to the fifth century BC was discovered, as well as numerous historical palaces and noble villas that populate the centre.

A place of culture and traditions, which can also be found in the excellent local cuisine.

The race continues towards Ortona, the jewel of the Abruzzo coast, a place where history and nature meet. Its centre, inside an ancient medieval village, and the wonderful Aragonese Castle overlooking the sea, are a perfect example of this meeting of history and nature. There are many places to visit, such as the Cathedral of San Tommaso Apostolo where the saint's relics are kept, the Palazzo Farnese whose construction was ordered by Margaret of Austria in the 16th century, now the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Passeggiata Orientale, a panoramic route that climbs the promontory to the castle and offers breathtaking views of the sea.

Not to mention the beaches, which are among the most beautiful on the Abruzzo coast, 20 kilometres of fine sand and unspoiled landscapes on the transparent sea between coves, headlands and cliffs.

Chef Enrico Croatti's chickpea and chestnut soup from Moebius to savour Abruzzo

The chickpea and chestnut soup is a traditional peasant recipe, which can also be enjoyed in a contemporary way thanks to its timeless ingredients.

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