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Fun, culture, adventures in a country that from North to South is tailored to suit people of all ages. Italy offers holidays with unforgettable friends waiting to be made

Whether in Versilia or by the Romagna Riviera. Whether in a city, or mountain resort. Whether it’s nightlife you crave or adventures in the middle of nature. Italy offers many destinations for young people. Broaden your horizons and live new and exciting experiences with your friends. Plan things to see and do now to embark on fabulous journeys to this beautiful peninsula.

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Relax & Wellness


Comano Terme, the slow holiday at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites Immersed in the natural surroundings of the Valli Giudicarie Esteriori, where the Garda area gives way to the Brenta Dolomites, is Cormano Terme, in the province of Trento: the locals call it “valle salute”, or “valle salus”, meaning “valley of health”, because, thanks to the thermal waters that flow there, which are particularly effective in dermatological treatments, and to a landscape waiting to be discovered, here you will find the most favourable destination to balance the well-being of body and spirit. Cormano Terme, a thermal centre of excellence located in the heart of a sunny valley, surrounded by plateaus, enchanted mountains and rural villages, is recognised by Unesco as one of the world's biosphere reserves. It is also the ideal place for a revitalising holiday, in direct contact with nature, in the pursuit of tranquillity, slow life and sustainable tourism. An all-round wellness experience Already known in Roman times, as attested by the discovery of terracotta conduits and thermal cells, Comano's bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium water gushes out at a constant temperature of 27 degrees. This makes its cleansing, soothing and restorative effect particularly suitable for treating the skin and various pathologies: eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and urticaria, especially in children, from early childhood to adolescence. Looked after by clown doctors, pedagogues and psychologists, and incorporated into therapeutic programmes that include games, hugs and workshops to be attended with parents, there are many children who come to this establishment each year for a period of treatment with long-lasting effects. There is also a section dedicated to physiotherapy, which focuses on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation; while in the beauty and wellness centre, you can enjoy massages and beauty and corrective treatments. Outside, a large, well-equipped park, criss-crossed by paths and jogging tracks, will complete your all-round wellness experience. Comano in winter: a snow park for families and great snowy highways If you visit in winter and love to ski, just a few kilometres away you will find Bolbenolandia: an area designed for families, with ski slopes, snow kindergarten and entertainment for children, while nearby Fiavé has a cross-country skiing circuit and an ice-skating rink. For those who prefer never to hit the same slope twice, the great snowy highways of the Andalo-Fai della Paganella and Pinzolo-Madonna di Campiglio ski resorts are nearby and within driving distance. In the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, you can also go hiking with snow shoes and poles. Strolling among ancient pile dwellings, castles and haunted villages If, on the other hand, you prefer cultural tourism, you will find the signposted walk in the archaeological zone of Fiavè irresistible: along one of the most interesting sites of European prehistory, you will discover the ruins of villages on stilts, or pile dwellings, dating back to the Bronze Age; while above Lundo, on Mount San Martino, you can admire the well-preserved remnants of a fortified settlement founded in late antiquity. If you want to discover the many rural villages in the valley, we suggest Rango, with its fountains and stone and wooden houses, listed by the Touring Club as one of the 'Most Beautiful Villages in Italy' and home in winter to the traditional Christmas market. Legend has it that the small hamlet of Balbido, in the municipality of Bleggio Superiore, which is also home to art murals, was once haunted by witches, who were believed to be responsible for the natural disasters that struck the area. To ward them off, the locals erected five iron crosses at the entrance to the valley, one of which is still visible. The Stenico Castle is also worth a visit: from its windows you can hear the sound of the Rio Bianco waterfalls and enjoy a spectacular view over the entire valley. Tasty itineraries along the trail of typical local products Home to numerous Slow Food products, Comano and its valley will tempt you with the Sentieri del Gusto (“Taste Trails”), four itineraries dedicated to typical products: the Bleggio walnut, with its unmistakable spicy flavour and easy-to-break shell, used to bake cakes, loaves of bread or in the typical walnut salami; the Lomaso potato, milk and the famous ciuiga del Banale, a unique salami in Italy, once made with the less noble parts of the pig and to which cooked and chopped white turnips were added, now made with choice pork, but always according to tradition. Hungry now?? Comano awaits you!