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If you are looking for the thrill of an adrenaline rush, adventure parks in Italy are sure to meet your needs. Obstacle courses, vast green meadows, treks and cycle paths immersed in nature. Activities to push past your limits and have fun. 

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Oltremare in Riccione: discover nature through play Between exotic habitats and typical Po Valley environments, the nature and technology park in Riccione invites you to discover the magical world of animals and the extraordinary story of their evolution. In Oltremare you will see performances by dolphins, falconry shows, alligators and kangaroos, meetings with trainers and even an art exhibition promoting the creative reuse of waste in cooperation with the Academies of Fine Arts. Dolphins are such a show In addition to the classic exhibitions of skill and play with dolphins, it is possible to take part in tours guided by trainers who introduce you to the animals, their behaviour, how they interact with humans and management techniques in an artificial environment. You will discover all the sensitivity and intelligence that characterises these playful mammals. Hunting birds of prey A free flight demonstration of eagles, owls, falcons, buzzards and vultures introduces the world of birds of prey, which are housed in the Owl Mill. With the falconry show, recognised in 2010 by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the techniques and tools used for training are revealed. And you will realise how close the bond is between a falcon and its trainer. In Australia with kangaroos In the Australian section of Overseas you can meet the wallabies, small and tender marsupials (they measure about 90 centimetres) from south-central Oceania. The fifth continent is also discovered with the profession of palaeontologist in search of fossils and gold nuggets. Darwin space and the history of evolution In a large greenhouse, you can discover the history of the evolution of the plant and animal world, from the first organic molecule to complex organisms. You’ll be guided to discover the differences between primordial plants such as ferns and more evolved plants such as angiosperms. Among the animals is the American alligator, which evolved more than 150 million years ago and survived the great mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. In the Po Delta It is a journey along Italy's largest river from its sources to its Delta, a fascinating ecosystem rich in life, like all wetlands, and at the same time fragile and threatened by pollution. The environment is reconstructed through fisherman's huts and birdwatching stations, which can also be discovered through play: there is a labyrinth, a sensory garden, a long jump...


Mirabilandia: the amusement park for young and old on the outskirts of Ravenna Between Ravenna and Milano Marittima, a stone's throw from the Classe pine forest, lies the small village of Savio/Mirabilandia. The reason to visit? The Mirabilandia amusement park, the Mirabeach water park and the Safari Ravenna zoological park to observe and study lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, hippos and many other animals up close. With an extension of over 550,000 square metres, Mirabilandia is Italy’s largest amusement park and the one most able to renew itself year after year, guaranteeing even the most frequent visitors many attractions with every visit. Those looking for high-adrenalin experiences will find what they're looking for, but even those who prefer quieter attractions will leave Mirabilandia at the end of the day fully satisfied with a desire to return. The park is truly designed for everyone and you can have fun even without getting on one of the many attractions for all ages, enjoying the many shows such as the western-themed action show Lucky Lucy, the musical dedicated to Zorro and the show taking spectators on a journey through extravagant costumes and Hollywood classics, as well as the ever-popular Hot Wheels City stunt show. On summer evenings, on the other hand, the park's large central lake hosts the thrilling show The Last Pan, a water challenge between Peter Pan and Captain Hook with special effects and amazing evolutions on jet skis. Mirabilandia's most adrenalin-filled attractions Do you want an adrenalin rush? Experience the thrill of hurtling at the speed of an F1 car with iSpeed accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.2 seconds. If you are not afraid of heights, you can choose between Oil Tower 1 for an 80-kilometre-per-hour drop or Oil Tower 2 for a breathtaking drop. Why not try both? Katun, Europe's number 1 inverted coaster, will take you on a journey through time and space at 110 kilometres per hour along a course of more than 1,200 metres. And if you are not afraid to get wet, the world's highest water coaster awaits you in the Route 66 area of Mirabilandia. A child-friendly amusement park All the park's attractions have access limits at the entrance and a suggested minimum age for boarding, but if you want to play it safe without worrying about limits and frights for small children, Mirabilandia has an entire section dedicated to young visitors. At Bimbopoli you can find a two-storey horse-drawn carousel, a colourful playground, a fun little train that runs through the area, a funny-looking talking house and a flying roller coaster for children aged 3 and up. Since 2022, Nickelodeon characters have also landed in Mirabilandia. PAW Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dora the Explorer are available to young visitors for photos and shows that will bring more than a few smiles. Mirabeach, a tropical island a stone's throw from Ravenna There is no shortage of water attractions at Mirabilandia, but if you prefer a day at the beach among slides, wave pools and raft rides through the rapids, Mirabeach is for you. This large water park is located behind Mirabilandia, next to Lake Standiana. Two separate lagoons, white sand imported from Sharm el-Sheikh, green spaces, bars, restaurants and shops. For one day you will feel like you are on a tropical island and the fun will be guaranteed! A safari in the heart of Romagna If you want to experience a safari without straying too far from home and without getting on a plane, Safari Ravenna is just a stone's throw from Mirabilandia. Along a 4-kilometre route by car or on board an electric train, you will pass through small natural oases where many animals from all over the world live in harmony. You will be within a few metres of lions, tigers, hippos, zebras, giraffes, bison and camels, as well as crocodiles, kangaroos, baboons and lemurs, which you will be able to observe up close in complete safety. And to end the tour on a high note, you can't miss the reptile house designed by the best experts on the Italian zoological circuit, and it will quickly become clear to you why. Absolutely beautiful.


Zoomarine: the animal show The spectacular movements of dolphins, the funny displays of seals and sea lions, the leaps of lemurs, the darting of flying squirrels. All this and more can be found at Zoomarine in Torvaianica, along the Latium coast south of Rome. A unique space where there are not only exotic animals. Indeed, Zoomarine's mission is to teach young and old alike to respect pets first and foremost. With swimming pools, slides and funfair, Zoomarine in Torvaianica is the ideal place to spend a fun-filled day. What to see at Zoomarine In the dolphin stadium, an exciting show of jumps and dives is staged every day with three talented performers. To find out more and observe the animals up close, it is also possible to take part in a poolside activity to talk to the trainers and learn from them the gestures that guide the dolphins in their performances. The same can be done in the pinniped bay, where seals and sea lions perform, meeting experts who are in contact with the animals every day for 30 minutes. In the parrot forest you discover macaws, cockatoos, amazon parrots, and toucans with their wonderful colours; in the turtle oasis you get to know the placid tortoises; with lemurs you can take a selfie; in the flamingos' nest you come face to face with the birds in an interactive aviary; walking through a forest with three ponds, you can see Australian pelicans, lesser flamingos, black-necked swans, wood ducks, sun conures and other animals together with instructors. Learning to love pets Not only exotic or unusual animals at Zoomarine: passion and love for animals can be developed by learning to take care of the animals we have closest to us, our dogs and cats. In the company of a Border collieof a Maremma Shepherd and a Bergamo Shepherdyou learn the importance of playing and empathy in the upbringing of pets and their everyday management. Water park & funfair A day at Zoomarine is pure adrenaline between the exciting animal encounters, the irresistible attraction of the water slides, the amusement park, the swimming pools, the tropical beach and the diving shows. Also worth trying are the fitgames, which combine sport and technology, and the 4D cinema. For the youngest children there are rides on the farm train, a visit to King Arthur's castle, a carousel ride and a zoo-guide.
Art & Culture

Selfie Museum

At the Selfie Museum in Torvaianica, with bizarre effects and lots of fun The Selfie Museum is located within the Zoomarine park on the outskirts of Rome, specifically in Torvaianica, a hamlet in the municipality of Pomezia. It is currently the only one of its kind in Italy. There are others in Los Angeles, Miami and Dubai. To give an idea of the trend, just think that every day, on average, around 100 million selfies are uploaded to social media. The museum offers a varied programme that includes a playful and educational itinerary covering 400 square metres with 25 settings in which to have fun taking all kinds of selfies. A few examples? You can walk upside down on the ceiling, fall into the air from a skyscraper or swim in a pool full of coloured balls. The museum is a kind of visual narrative, telling the story of how the selfie craze has evolved over the years. You can see historic selfies, dating back a few years. The museum is located inside the Zoomarine park, the largest marine park in Italy. The first selfie in history and Selfino, the dolphin ambassador When was the first self-portrait taken? It actually dates back to 1455, and was created by the French painter Jean Fouquet. The first group selfie, on the other hand, was taken in 1920 in New York. It shows five men sitting on the terrace of a building in the city. Today it is an iconic and very famous image that is part of the digital collection of the Museum of the City of New York. The ambassador of the Selfie Museum is Selfino, a dolphin who loves to film himself with a camera and beckons visitors to follow him. During the interactive tour, he is the first to invite newcomers to post the results of their shots on their profiles and also to post them on the official Zoomarine profile. If you are in Lazio, close to Rome, a visit to the Selfie Museum could be an entertaining way to spend a few hours in an extravagant and original setting.

Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World: a picture of cinematic fun! If you think theme parks are only for kids, then you should definitely pay a visit to Cinecittà World, the fantastic amusement park on the outskirts of Rome that captivates its visitors by catapulting them into the world of film and television. This entertainment paradise, which has the same vibes as Universal Studios in the United States, was opened in Castel Romano in 2014 by the entrepreneurs Luigi Abete, Aurelio De Laurentiis and Diego Della Valle. Ready to dive into the world of the seventh art? A day in Ancient Rome If you’re ready for unbelievable experiences, how about a step back in time? In the Roma World area, you can experience life as an ancient Roman, wearing Roman togas, enjoying lavish banquets and learning how to be real-life gladiators. As you stroll through sets that reproduce Roman streets, markets and environments, you won’t be surprised when you find yourself transported into the world of Ben Hur. You can explore the set of this colossal film starring Charlton Heston that made film history in 1959 and discover all its secrets. A sleepover at a Roman Legion encampment If you’re planning to spend the night at Cinecittà World, there could be no better way to end the day than at a Roman encampment in the middle of the forest: dressed as a Roman legionary, you can eat a delicious meal before hitting the sack, waking up safe and sound in the morning with breakfast on the table, which is always a bonus! Aqua World and the Ice Kingdom As well as original film sets, you can while away the hours in areas of the park that are certainly more traditional but just as entertaining. From the Ice Kingdom, the first indoor snow park in Italy, to the Aqua World water park; from the futuristic-themed theatre screening movies filmed in cities across Italy, to the permanent exhibition featuring over 300 sculptures from 30 films, adverts and television programmes. There is sure to be something for everyone among the 40 attractions, 7 themed areas and 6 staged shows. Born from the ashes of the old studios Cinecittà World is built in an area that shares similarly strong connections with the history of cinema: the Dinocittà film studios previously stood on the same ground, built in the 1960s by Dino De Laurentiis. Theatres and several buildings from the old film studios still stand today, converted to host indoor shows and attractions.

Città della Domenica

Città della Domenica: the children’s park of animals and fairy tales Città della Domenica (‘Sunday City’) in Perugia is the first family amusement park created in Italy in the 1950s. It has entertained generations for more than 70 years. This charming 'old-fashioned' park is designed to offer young children an unforgettable opportunity to see animals in nature and to discover the imaginative settings of their favourite fairy tales. This is the perfect place to spend a special family day, not just on a Sunday! An amusement and nature park Just six kilometres from the centre of Perugia, Città della Domenica covers 45 hectares of holm oak, plane tree and oak woods. It was created in the late 1950s by Mario Spagnoli, a Perugian entrepreneur and son of fashion designer Luisa Spagnoli. The area where the structure stands, historically named Monte Pulito (‘Clean Mountain’) because it lacked any vegetation, is now an area of lush greenery where many animals live, some in the wild. You can easily visit on foot or by taking a small train. At first, it was just a clay pigeon shooting range, but later it turned into an children’s amusement park, and since the 1980s it has also been involved in environmental conservation and teaching about nature. Straight out of a fairy tale Città della Domenica lets you immerse yourself in the world of children’s most beloved fairy tales: there is Pinocchio's village, Little Red Riding Hood's house, Merlin the Wizard's tower, the fairy forest, Sleeping Beauty's castle, and Snow White's little house. There are also plenty of more dynamic attractions, including a mini-kart track, Fort Apache, an Indian village where you can meet Red Bear, mini-motorboats, a riding school, a labyrinth, a Trojan horse you can all pile inside, and even a rocket that offers magnificent panoramic views of the city of Perugia and the Umbrian countryside. Various entertainment activities are organised daily for children and parents, from treasure hunts to an adventure game to save the park's resident animals. The falconers' show offers the exciting chance to see trained birds of prey such as owls, buzzards and eagles up close. One of the most recent attractions added to Città della Domenica is the Talking Forest, a 300-metre-long trail that teaches children to listen to nature. Designed by Bulgarian artist Kiril Cholakov, it allows children to be protagonists in a story in which they have to pass tests to become messengers for the trees. This exciting and educational experience teaches the value of the forest as an interconnected system of living nature. Animals in the wild Many animals roam free in the forest of Città della Domenica. Along the trails, you can spot mammals and birds common to the European continent, as well as exotic species that have adapted to the climate of central Italy. Among them is the mascot of the park, the Asinara donkey, with its white coat. This beautiful animal was saved from extinction thanks to the efforts of Città della Domenica, in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Perugia. If you climb up the mountain, towards the rocket, you will find the wildlife route, where you can see kangaroos, reindeer, ostriches, yaks, llamas, Patagonian hares, dromedaries, African buffaloes and snowy owls. In the park, you can find all kinds of animals, from rabbits, both dwarf and giant, to hens, geese, turtle doves, swans, peacocks, cranes, storks, macaws, American bison, African mouflon, llamas and antelopes. Near the park’s exit, inside Darwin’s Tower, you will find a reptile house, homes to alligators, caimans, and venomous and giant snakes.
Aquarium of Genoa

The Genoa Aquarium

The Genoa Aquarium and 3 adventures not to be missed This is the very definition of an immersive experience; an unmissable chance to learn more about the seabed and the species that inhabit it. The Aquarium of Genoa, the city that has built its greatness on the sea, located in the Old Port, is a treasure trove of the richest aquatic biodiversity in Europe. Its path unfolds in more than 70 spaces and contains around 12,000 specimens of 600 species from all the seas of the world. The Aquarium also offers the opportunity to engage in other thrilling experiences. A dip where the water is bluest The tour immediately envelops visitors in the fascination of the Blue Planet: a video map shows the water distribution on Earth and raises awareness of the crucial role it plays in life, from antiquity to the present day. The adventure begins in the Moray Eel Cave, where the fearsome creatures camouflage themselves, crouching among the rocks of a tall cylindrical pool resembling a seashell. Not far away swim seahorses and octopus. Igniting all imaginations is the Mermaid Lagoon, where manatees, the herbivorous aquatic mammals said to have given rise to the myth of the mermaids, dart around. The Aquarium of Genoa is the only one in Italy where this endangered species can still be admired. Face to face with dolphins From the call of the mermaids to the breathtaking Bay of Sharks: several species of sea predators are represented here, and two specimens of sawfish with serrated rostrum also frolic on the seabed. A footbridge passes over Seal Island, but the most thrilling experience is in the Cetacean Pavilion, where a close encounter with dolphins takes place: four open-air tanks house a small community of coastal specimens. Thanks to a two-level structure, they can be observed both on the surface and from an underwater perspective. All-round biodiversity Emerging from the water, the route winds its way inside the large Blue Ship, in the Biodiversity Pavilion. With due caution, you can caress the mantle of stingrays, and without leaving the Tropics you can dive back into a coral lagoon inhabited by puffer fish, napoleon fish and zebra sharks. The Tropics route continues on the surface, as visitors enter the Tropical Forest, one of the most biodiverse environments, and home to more than half of the animal and plant species on Earth. The dance of the jellyfish There are rooms that, in addition to satisfying biological or naturalistic interest, are a real feast for the eyes, such as the one animated by the hypnotic, fluctuating movement of jellyfish: nine tanks with species from the various seas of the world. A pyrotechnic display of colours can also be witnessed in the coral reef area, one of the most endangered marine ecosystems: here, under lights simulating that of a full moon evening, one can admire the fluorescence of the corals, while clownfish and cardinal fish swim alongside. Nighttime adventure with sharks If they have extra time, children aged 7 to 11 can try the daredevil experience of a night with the sharks, sleeping on camp beds in front of their tank to witness their nocturnal behaviour and discover how the Aquarium is transformed when night falls. The adventure starts at 9pm and includes a guided night tour of the Aquarium, entertainment activities and an overnight stay in a sleeping bag. Tropical forest adventure A drop of glass and steel overlooking the sea: Biosfera is the name of the scenic techno-sphere designed by architect Renzo Piano in the Porto Antico. Stepping inside its dense and mysterious vegetation is an opportunity to learn about the fauna and flora of tropical forests, fragile ecosystems that human exploitation has brought under control. High-altitude adventure on the panoramic lift Another project by Renzo Piano, who is responsible for the redevelopment of the entire Porto Antico area, is Bigo, the name of the cranes formerly used to move goods, from which it takes its inspiration. It indicates the structure intended to support the marquee in Piazza delle Feste, where events and exhibitions are held. One of its arms also supports the panoramic lift, which reaches a height of 40 metres in a few seconds, affording passengers a spectacular view of the port and the network of carruggi, meaning “alleyways”. Tailor-made entrance packages The discoveries don't end here: a visit to the Aquarium alone takes two to three hours, but the tour offers a variety of in-depth insights. During the course of the day you can stop and have lunch or a snack at the Tender Café or lunch at the Gusto a Bordo restaurant, located inside the Aquarium. The entrance packages and itineraries are quite varied, so we recommend finding the one that suits you directly on the website, where you can benefit from a wide variety of prices.


Edenlandia: the oldest theme park in Europe Edenlandia a veritable temple of fun. The first theme park in Europe, located in the heart of Naples, and still offering attractions for young and older generations. The Naples amusement park was an absolute novelty in Italy at the time of construction in 1937. Almost twenty years before Disneyland, which opened in 1955 in Anaheim on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Although Disneyland is typically considered as the forerunner of amusement parks. The same international brand sent an inaugural gift to Italy in the 70’s: the Dumbo carousel, although famous in Italy under the name of Jumb. In reality though, the precedence of Edenlandia isn’t entirely accurate seeing as the structure was inaugurated in 1965, and after opening, the amusement park, located in the Fuorigrotta district, suffered many setbacks. Getting back to what the park offers as it stands today: rides, shows, attractions, theme parties and music concerts. The possibilities for spending hours in pure escapism are endless. Among other things most of the attractions have been renovated and upgraded, enhancing their adrenaline- pumping characteristics, and immersive virtual experiences. It’s a safe bet you won’t be disappointed. Welcome to the first and only Italian Food and Leisure Park Large areas are dedicated to various food options. You’ll find typical local flavours, making the Campania experience as complete as possible. You just have to decide if you want to start with pizzas, sfogliatelle or babà pastries, or to go for a tasty street food selection. Perhaps stop at a juice corner or for a granite. If in the mood for meat then to a rotisserie, or a steakhouse. While visiting the only Food and Leisure Park in Italy is certainly not the time to worry about your calorie intake. You can think about your diet tomorrow! Where the original idea was born Edenlandia, as you can guess from when construction began, dates back to the Fascist era. It is linked to the Mostra d’Oltremare which is still one of the main Italian exhibition venues to this day, and the largest in the South. Naples was chosen firstly for it’s central position in the Mediterranean, and also because it was part of a plan Benito Mussolini had to relaunch the territory. Before the launch of the park, there was a little Luna Park for children, in the same area within the municipal villa of the city. Children could have fun on train rides, bumper cars, roller coasters, flying saucers and a big wheel. Edenlandia, a paradise for all The name was chosen to suggest a place suitable for everyone, to be precise, a small paradise: Edenlandia. If you decide to spend a few days in these parts, take advantage of the proximity to the Mostra D’Oltremare and the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium: they both deserve a visit.


Etnaland: the amusement park in the shadow of the volcano The great Sicilian volcano looks up at that temple of entertainment that has given the island one of its most ambitious projects. Etnaland, for its part, celebrates it in name and probably sees a certain affinity in its ability to hypnotise and amaze. That’s right, because since opening, the park continues to expand its offering, conquering an ever-widening public. Will you come discover it with us? Partly for fun, partly to learn With a total surface area of 280,000 square metres, Etnaland is located in Belpasso, a few kilometres from Catania: inside it a host of attractions for all tastes and ages, including a popular water park, plus an incredible educational area that will capture the attention of your children, starting with the Prehistoric Park and the botanical trail. It was a zoo in the beginning In 1976, this area was home to the La Pergola farm, which belonged to the father of the current park director, Francesco Russello. When a circus went bankrupt in Palermo in the early 1980s, Russello thought of acquiring the animals and creating a first wildlife area that was called The Sicilian Zoo Park, which was later joined by The Park of Prehistory. We were still a long way from creating the largest theme park in the South, but do you know what happened then? When he realised how successful his idea was, he purchased several water park facilities and, in 2001, opened the first version of Etnaland to the public. Investments over time have multiplied and attractions have been added that are not always found in this type of facility, but which are suggestively named. Do Crocodile Rapids, Jungle Splash and Dragon River sound familiar? Take a dip in the Aquapark Since 2012, Etnaland has raced to offer an increasingly adrenalin-fuelled and exciting experience. The Aquapark was completed in its initial design in 2014, although it was officially opened in the year of its grand opening. It includes more than 25 attractions with a total of 8,500 square metres of pools and now also has a record: it has the most attractions and highlights in the whole of Europe. It even surpassed the huge Siam Park in Spain. For children and families Etnaland boasts some thirty attractions for the little ones: if you have children they will go crazy for the colourful rotating hot air balloons Billow Balloon, the Guard and Thieftoy cars and Brave Kart, the Twistarello flying cars and Ciclopina's, freefall tower in mini version. Electric boats Love Lagoonthe carousel Gran Carillon and the Babel tower are attractionsfor the whole family. A glimpse of Etna Don't forget that the park you are visiting, which in summer keeps its gates open even at dusk to prolong the fun under a blanket of stars, is located on the slopes of Etna, the volcano recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A look up to admire the wonder of the Muntagna, as the Catanese say, is a must. But an excursion to its summit craters is also definitely worthwhile.
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