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Misenum Roman Theatre


Adjacent to the Sacrario degli Augustali, the theatre is partly overgrown by modern buildings, but some parts of the substructure corridors and passages to the tiers of seats, resting on top of the Punta Sarparella ridge, are still recognisable. Currently, access to the structure is through a barrel-vaulted lower amphitheatre excavated in tuff and enriched with artwork in vittatum. Approximately half of its height was buried due to bradyseism. The structure has an entrance to the radial corridors with a brick arch, leading to another semicircular gallery further inland. In the privately owned area, a short section of the upper ambulacrum is preserved while, at a higher level, the remains of a brick archway and a staircase, presumably providing access to the summa cavea, can be seen.


09:00 am-01:00 pm
Tuesday - Saturday
09:00 am-01:00 pm
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Misenum Roman Theatre
Frazione Miseno, 80070 Bacoli NA, Italia
Call +390818541469 Website

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