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Tyrol Castle


Located near Merano, South Tyrol, it forms part of a stunning natural landscape, where apricot, apple and pear orchards grow alongside the Alpine vineyards. At the edge of the forest, perched on a rocky cliff, stands the town's best known monument: Tyrol Castle, which during the late medieval period was the seat of the Tirolo dynasty. Within its walls grew the sense of belonging of the entire Tyrolean community, which is why it still retains the name of the original village today.

The sober and austere beauty of this castle, featuring a harmonious interplay of different forms and materials, is in close visual harmony with the rocks, trees and colours of its natural surroundings. Tyrol Castle is of symbolic importance to the identity of Tyrol, so perhaps unsurprisingly, it was chosen to host the permanent exhibition of the Museum of History and Culture of the Province of Bolzano.

Tyrol Castle
Via del Castello, 24, 39019 Tirolo BZ, Italia
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