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Guardialfiera Parish - Old Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta


The ancient parish church of Guardialfiera, whose origins date back to the 11th century, is located at the top of the village. The Romanesque and Gothic elements adorning the exterior walls testify that the building underwent considerable architectural and decorative development. However, later reconstructions make it difficult to identify the original forms. The restoration work carried out in the crypt was extended to the interior of the church, revealing ancient architectural forms, contrasting with the plastered parts. These are round arches, the inner arch of the rose window, two doors, small corner columns with spooled ashlars and a beautiful capital with delicate spiral, twisted cornice and angular leaves found in the small door connecting the presbytery to the sacristy. From the development of the perimeter walls, one can deduce the extent of the construction, where the older parts are characterised by dressed stones, symmetrically arranged without the use of mortar, while the more recent parts by rough stones with mortar. The 1456 earthquake and numerous fires damaged the church. The main façade and bell tower, demolished in 1845 and rebuilt from scratch, retain no traces of ancient architecture. The church was reduced from three to one aisles in 1858. On the eastern façade is a Gothic portal that is opened annually for indulgences.
Guardialfiera Parish - Old Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
Via Piano dei Santi, 86030 Guardialfiera CB, Italia
Call +390874840236

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