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Exploring Roman cuisine

6 districts of Rome where you can taste the best typical dishes

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Where better to celebrate it than in the city where this delicacy originates? Starting from a nice plate of spaghetti alla carbonara, we offer you a food-filled itinerary in the districts of Rome, from Trastevere to Testaccio, passing through Quarticciolo, Garbatella, Rione Monti and the Colosseum.

And so, here is a journey through scents and flavors that tell the story of this ancient city. Recipes of rural and peasant origin, handed down from generation to generation. Let's go on a journey of genuine ingredients, lively and unmistakable flavors. Quintessential Rome.

Day 1


A street in the historic centre of Rome

A Roman food tour could only start in Trastevere, a district of the capital with a bohemian atmosphere. If you arrived in Rome by train, it’s easy to reach it from Termini Station: take the bus line H and after 5 stops get off at Sonnino-San Gallicano, to find yourself in the heart of the district, or Piazza Sant'Egidio. Enchanting by day, magical by night, Trastevere is the genuine soul of the city, full of typical trattorias and restaurants where you can savor true traditional cuisine.

Starting with a carbonara. In this neighborhood you can try it in all its formats and variations, all however faithful to the original recipe. The ideal type of pasta is always spaghetti, rigorously seasoned with fresh eggs, pecorino romano cheese and guanciale ham.

After your first course, enjoy a nice walk to work it off. You could start from Piazza Trilussa, cross the Ponte Sisto and emerge across the Tiber, a few steps from the Campo de' Fiori market and Piazza Navona.


Basilica of Santa Sabina all'Aventino, Rome

From Trastevere, on bus line 716, you can reach Testaccio in 6 minutes: departure from Emporio (immediately after the Sublicio Bridge), arrival at Matteucci/Bove. You are in one of the most authentic neighborhoods of the capital, a historic district that contains the essence of the Roman popular soul.

Here, you can treat yourself to another delicacy of the local cuisine: tonnarelli cacio e pepe, pasta prepared to perfection in one of the many trattorias in the area. Often seasoned directly at the table, the tonnarelli pasta is garnished with only two ingredients: pecorino and a few grains of pepper, which together give life to one of the most authentic dishes in Rome.


A dish of pasta all'amatriciana

Time to move to Quarticciolo, on the eastern outskirts of the capital. More precisely the Alessandrino district, between via Prenestina and via Casilina.

This ancient area is dotted with trattorias particularly renowned for quail, a typical second course of ancient Roman gastronomy. It is cooked in a wood oven and served with a side dish of mushrooms or peas. Here, you simply must try the bucatini all'amatriciana: pasta with fresh pecorino cheese, bacon and tomato sauce, for an unmistakable taste.


The Garbatella district in Rome

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a "country air", while remaining in the Eternal City, then you absolutely must visit the Garbatella district. From Termini Station by underground (line B direction Laurentina) it takes just 10 minutes.

Among the historic lots and the many streets, you will find yourself with a happy full belly in one of the many rustic taverns and family-run trattorias. Here, you can have puntarelle, a variety of chicory cut into thin strips and served, according to the Roman tradition, with oil, vinegar, pepper and anchovies. Or carciofi alla giudia, artichokes dipped in water and lemon and then fried in oil.

Rione Monti

View of Rome's Monti district

Continuing the flavor tour moving towards the Imperial Forums to discover one of the oldest areas of Rome: the Rione Monti. Full of narrow and picturesque streets, this district retains a particular atmosphere.

Stop in one of the many inns and taverns to taste the l’abbacchio alla scottadito, a local specialty of succulent grilled lamb chops. Accompany the meat with a delicious carciofo alla romana, Roman-style artichokes from peasant tradition, which call for the vegetable to be stuffed with parsley, garlic and mint yielding a unique flavor.


View of the Colosseum and the city of Rome

Your Roman food tour can only end in the shadow of the symbol of the Eternal City. Here you are at the Colosseum, in the Monti district. After an inevitable visit to the monumental amphitheater, go to one of the many restaurants in the area.

Here you can choose to enjoy a plate of rigatoni alla gricia, pasta prepared with pecorino and bacon, as a first course. For the second course, treat yourself to a nice pajata, prepared with veal intestines, a dish that couldn't be more Roman!

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