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Share a moment of relaxation with your family. Let yourself be pampered on holiday in Italy

When it comes to family holidays, be it by sea or mountain, the important thing is to choose a destination that pleases everyone. In Italy with its abundance of attractions and entertainment, it is easy to satisfy everyone, gifting your family immeasurable happiness.

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Relax & Wellness

Terme di Telese

The thermal baths of Telese and the miracle of effervescent water There is no better place to schedule a stop than in Telese Terme to discover first-hand what wellness means. In the centre of the Telesina Valley (BN), on the right bank of the Calore River, the ancient village, once called Telesia, is an important stop on the Southern Via Francigena. Those who stop here will find a bell tower with a history stretching back thousands of years and thermal spas with redeeming powers. At the foot of Mount Pugliano, at whose slops the sulphurous mineral water springs feeding its thermal establishments flow, Telese Terme will amaze you with tailor-made pampering. The bell tower, the only one to have escaped the earthquake The tour of antiquities here in Telese is quickly over: one of the few remaining monuments of medieval Telesia, completely razed to the ground by the earthquake of 1349, is the bell tower, in Vescovado: it rests on a rectangular base, 17-metres high, among the rarest and most valuable Romanesque-Norman buildings in Campania. Built with materials from Roman Telesia, it is decorated with brickwork motifs and the opus reticulatum technique and all that remains of the ancient Cathedral of the Holy Cross, erected in the 10th century, later rebuilt under the name of Holy Mary of the Trinity. Thermal waters, a treasure from the depths The first reports of Telese’s sulphurous waters date back to the time of the violent 1349 earthquake, which devastated the Telese countryside, razing the town to the ground. The frequent and intense tremors, which lasted a long time, not only caused the springs to surface, but also caused episodes of sinking, disrupted the soil, giving rise to ponds, swamps, like the famous Lake Telese, and carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide exhalations that made the air unbreathable for a long time. However, the first studies on their therapeutic virtues date back to 1734, with the publication of De acidulis telesinis dissertatio, essay by Tommaso Bruni. Today's establishment of the Telese Spa Park, which still uses those waters for spa treatments, owes its fortune to the far-sighted intuition of the Minieri family, who, in the late 19th century, succeeded in obtaining a contract and giving life to what was then called the Great Bathing Establishments of Telese, whose departments are still immersed in a large park of centuries-old trees where you can stroll among the spring basins, pools and many recreational facilities. La belle époque of the ancient Jacobelli Spa For a picture of what the facilities must have been like then, visit the ancient Jacobelli Thermal Baths, at the junction of Castelvenere, Solopaca and Telese, which were transformed into a nature park in 2008 after extensive renovation. Founded by knight Achille Jacobelli of San Lupo and inaugurated in 1867, the Jacobelli Baths were, according to records and what remains of the bathing cabins, swimming pools and bouvette, a charming place, surrounded by greenery, with a beautiful portico to rest and two fountains for bathers. Hiking at the water's edge Still on the subject of water, and still between Telese and Solopaca, you will also find the small Telese Lake, not far from the banks of the Calore river. An enchanting body of water, some twenty metres deep, whose origins are to be found in the seismic nature of the soil and rocks on which the town stands. Used for recreational fishing, along its equipped banks, a scenic road more than a kilometre long winds its way through dense vegetation, passing restaurants, hotels and a swimming pool, offering, especially in summer, recreation and coolness. Would you like to continue your immersion in the landscape? Add to your destinations an excursion to the Grassano park, just a few kilometres from Telese, one of the most beautiful natural oases in Campania, equipped for a family outing in the open air and crossed, among linden, willow and poplar trees, by the Grassano torrent, in whose turquoise waters ducks, geese and otters swim. Mount Pugliano, between megalithic walls and dolines Behind the spa complex, Mount Pugliano watches over the city from above. Its name derives from the Latin road that connected Rome to Apulia. Along the itineraries that cross its approximately 54 hectares, you will see the remains of residential structures dating back to the Palaeolithic period and ruins of Samnite megalithic walls, but the most characteristic feature of its landscape is the presence of dolines, hollows or karstic cavities produced by the erosion of the limestone, some of which can be visited, unique in their form along the entire southern Apennine massif. Party time! Epicentre of entertainment, especially on summer evenings, Via Minieri, the heart of the spa town, is where the Telesine “struscio” can be enjoyed at every corner. It is here that most commercial activities are concentrated: boutiques, pubs, restaurants, wine bars. If you are looking for shows, live music and entertainment: this is where the party is!


Etnaland: the amusement park in the shadow of the volcano The great Sicilian volcano looks up at that temple of entertainment that has given the island one of its most ambitious projects. Etnaland, for its part, celebrates it in name and probably sees a certain affinity in its ability to hypnotise and amaze. That’s right, because since opening, the park continues to expand its offering, conquering an ever-widening public. Will you come discover it with us? Partly for fun, partly to learn With a total surface area of 280,000 square metres, Etnaland is located in Belpasso, a few kilometres from Catania: inside it a host of attractions for all tastes and ages, including a popular water park, plus an incredible educational area that will capture the attention of your children, starting with the Prehistoric Park and the botanical trail. It was a zoo in the beginning In 1976, this area was home to the La Pergola farm, which belonged to the father of the current park director, Francesco Russello. When a circus went bankrupt in Palermo in the early 1980s, Russello thought of acquiring the animals and creating a first wildlife area that was called The Sicilian Zoo Park, which was later joined by The Park of Prehistory. We were still a long way from creating the largest theme park in the South, but do you know what happened then? When he realised how successful his idea was, he purchased several water park facilities and, in 2001, opened the first version of Etnaland to the public. Investments over time have multiplied and attractions have been added that are not always found in this type of facility, but which are suggestively named. Do Crocodile Rapids, Jungle Splash and Dragon River sound familiar? Take a dip in the Aquapark Since 2012, Etnaland has raced to offer an increasingly adrenalin-fuelled and exciting experience. The Aquapark was completed in its initial design in 2014, although it was officially opened in the year of its grand opening. It includes more than 25 attractions with a total of 8,500 square metres of pools and now also has a record: it has the most attractions and highlights in the whole of Europe. It even surpassed the huge Siam Park in Spain. For children and families Etnaland boasts some thirty attractions for the little ones: if you have children they will go crazy for the colourful rotating hot air balloons Billow Balloon, the Guard and Thieftoy cars and Brave Kart, the Twistarello flying cars and Ciclopina's, freefall tower in mini version. Electric boats Love Lagoonthe carousel Gran Carillon and the Babel tower are attractionsfor the whole family. A glimpse of Etna Don't forget that the park you are visiting, which in summer keeps its gates open even at dusk to prolong the fun under a blanket of stars, is located on the slopes of Etna, the volcano recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A look up to admire the wonder of the Muntagna, as the Catanese say, is a must. But an excursion to its summit craters is also definitely worthwhile.
Art & Culture

M9 - Museo del '900

At the M9 Museum in Mestre, the 20th century is multimedia A snapshot of history, between the real and virtual The first multimedia museum in Italy and a rare example of one in Europe. M9, in Mestre, is a vast exhibition space dedicated to the history of a key century in the lives of Italians: the 20th century. The display is immersive, the narration of events, fashions, trends and objects uses only multimedia supports. Making for an interactive, educational and entertaining museum experience. A customised visit The M9 Museum retraces the 20th century through a series of installations including photos, videos, documentaries, advertising posters, television programmes, newspapers and magazines. You will move around the two floors containing the permanent exhibition, while the third is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Unlike a traditional museum, you create your own route, dwelling on what interests you most. Pop on your virtual reality goggles and access your favourite content, select films, audio files, enjoy the touch screens, tap everything and let yourself be enveloped in 3D representations. Everything here takes place through audience interaction. The century when everything changed The M9 Museum showcases the century that changed the world: exhibits recount the two World Wars, the economic boom, consumerism. Watch the unforgettable Caroselli and the images of the Fiat 500s overloaded with families on their way to their holiday home; have a smile in front of the black and white photos of the first television sets; find out when table football or the first Moka coffee maker were born. Smart games and vintage selfies for children Children are given a discounted ticket, in some cases free of charge: there are many attractions for them to learn through engaging games. Maybe together with grandparents, exceptional guides who can add to the visit with personal memories and stories about the world they grew up in. The little ones can take a period photo, and see their picture recreated with clothes and hats from a bygone era. Alternatively, they might dance by choosing songs from a giant, super-intelligent jukebox, which turns up the volume as they dance. Or even try being a factory worker, playing on the assembly line at Fiat, to learn the process of building a car. Between cafés and bistros, inside the hi-tech hub Don't just explore the museum. M9 is part of a larger hub, a cultural hub open for events, conferences and temporary exhibitions. The architecture is also worthy of appreciation, the star of a project to redevelop a building block in Mestre that had been uninhabitable for years and is now sparkling. The building was designed by the architects Sauerbruch & Hutton, an award-winning firm from Berlin. They have recovered a former 16th century convent and the monastery has become a square, housing offices and shops: it is well worth a wander here. The main building, on the other hand, is covered with multicoloured ceramic strips laid diagonally to create a spectacular effect. The M9 Museum is located in the large triangular block with a terrace at the top. Drop in here to admire the panorama of Mestre's historic centre from a vantage point. Wander among the cafés and bistros, art galleries and shops. For families, don't miss the one with wooden toys. After a lot of technology, the old, nostalgic wooden toys are now back in the limelight. An app to create your own coffee Of the various catering outlets, Caffè Diemme Italian Attitude provides the perfect made-in-Italy coffee experience, with one eye on tradition and the other on innovation. The coffees and cappuccinos are outstanding, and the flavoured coffee drinks menu is original. And just like at the M9 Museum, customisation rules here. The My Coffee Attitude App that can be used on the café's tablets enables you to create your own blend from 4 starting ingredients. Blend the various Arabica types to taste and your personal blend is made. Enjoy your coffee and take home the blend, which the staff will package up for you. You can even eat here, choosing from pastries, pizzas and flatbreads. To find out more
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